i (“v”) NERDS

Check out these Body Language images: i (“v”) NERDS Image by aJ GAZMEN ツ GucciBeaR the whoLe gang!!! i onLy have the shirts that have i ("v") RaLph and i ("x") miLhaus [who’s my favourite]. too bad this shiRt cost … so, i just took a pix of me trying it on… heehee o_0 The […]

Snack Time with Foxes: NERDS!

I try nerds, made by the USA. Video Rating: 0 / 5

Runescape Nerds Pick up Girls in Las Vegas

THUMBS UP / FAV. Trolling / Staking / Pking IRL. Show your friends / Tweet the video if you play Runescape

The Music Nerds Do Karaoke – The Meth Minute 39

The Music Nerds are back in Episode 23 of “The Meth Minute”. It’s Karaoke night at the local bar, and Vic and Cougar just can’t agree on what song to duet on. Will this be the classic rock-based argument that ends their friendship once and for all? Let’s find out. Directed by Dan Meth. Starring: […]

Sept 2008 Infield Insider Trailer – Kissing Herds (Hot Nerds)

www.howtotalk2hotwomen.com Mehow breaks down his infield footage. Don’t miss this. www.howtotalk2hotwomen.com Video Rating: 4 / 5

Make Em Laugh : Nerds, Jerks, and Oddballs

Some cool laugh images: Make Em Laugh : Nerds, Jerks, and Oddballs Image by Austin Kleon blogged here: www.austinkleon.com/tag/make-em-laugh/ Twin Parade @ Just For Laughs Festival 2008, Montreal Image by Anirudh Koul Double Mania! Taken at the Just For Laughs (Juste Pour Rire) Festival on St. Laurent, Montreal on 12th July, 2008.