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… on a shooting spree to “punish” every girl who has “never been attracted ” to him, or the insidious, so-called Pick Up Artists who proclaim that violence against women could be averted if men learned how to seduce women

9 Tips on How to Ask a Girl out | KING OF SEDUCTION

Trying to figure out how to seduce women or how to ask a girl out has never been a problem to some guys. It just seems to come easy to them. But sometimes.

Thoughts on David Deangelo | PUA FORUMS

This is more of a post oriented at those who are already pretty successful with women who want to take the next step at improving themselves and not necessarily their ” pick up ” game. I don't know why I ..

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Plan a “spontaneous” meet up for the three of you. Tell each of them the same thing, “Hey I was supposed to hang out with that girl tonight, you want to meet her too?” Just leave it at that. Don’t create a “plan” to seduce her or anything

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It's never been easier to find a solution to a specific dating problem.