Lobby Hero – Jeff’s first encounter and attempt to flirt with a Female police officer (Acting Reel)

This is a moment from the play Lobby Hero where I (Denis Silvestri) played Jeff, an apartment building lobby security guard who finds himself in the middle of some serious drama involving the… Video Rating: 0 / 5

13.03.2013 – Rachel tries to pick up Officer Rick Grimes

my punishment was FUN! beer, walking dead, rick grimes… what’s not to love? Video Rating: 5 / 5 Video Rating: 0 / 5

Liberty Lake Blotter: Vehicle prowls spur more officer patrols

Liberty Lake Blotter: Vehicle prowls spur more officer patrols A man wearing a flannel shirt and jeans was spotted near Harvard Road and Mission Avenue at 11:38 p.m. on March 25. An officer on patrol spotted a vehicle making an illegal U-turn over a concrete median in the area of Harvard and Indiana Avenue at … […]

How to Attract Women Without Even Trying | Seduce and Attract Men

… a pilot, Officer, rescue swimmer etc. If you really want to attract women in this area than you have to be a jerk, pick fights and win them, flip off people, and just be darn right nasty to people you think are not as good as you.

The Weekly Leaks: The Lebanese Sex Industry Up-Close | Beirut The …

The reason we were presented with by the staff was that women other than the authorized performers had no business being there, unless they were looking to pick up guy for prostitution (sorry to all female homosexuals out there, … The undercover operatives will often pose as potential customers at super night clubs and seduce the working girls .

Officer suspended for violating code of conduct

Officer suspended for violating code of conduct PLYMOUTH — The police commission recently voted to suspend a police officer for 90 days without pay for violating the police department’s code of conduct. Read more on The Bristol Press Rivers bothered by tweeting of in-game comments Boston coach Doc Rivers feels what is said on the […]

Marine Corps OCS Officer Candidates School USMC

Becoming an officer in the United States Marine Corps is more than a career choice. It is a bold statement of intent. As a Marine Officer, you will be trained specifically to lead and inspire. There is no greater path of distinction, and no better way to test your mental and physical limits than becoming […]

Fmr. Police Officer Suspended for 2 Yrs

DSC_1093.JPG Image by talldoofyirish How to pick up women, the Brendan way: 1. When a woman is trying to help you break into your friends locked car, ask "So, are you at the race with a boyfriend or husband or something?" 2. While drinking out of a growler, say "Hello, ladies," to every group of […]