Shrugging Off Gender Policing

Shrugging Off Gender Policing This is, by far, the best response to inquiries about male-bodied cross-dressing that I have ever heard. If you don't already love Eddie Izzard, you might now. Asked why he wears “women's dresses,” this non-cisgendered man responds, in a nutshell: “I'm … Read more on Pacific Standard Manny Pacquiao Next Fight: […]

The Policing Pledge – UK

Some cool humour images: The Policing Pledge – UK Image by Pip R. Lagenta In response to David Byrne at Boing Boing. ayePod Image by DavidDMuir This amused me! Not sure where this came from. The colleague who sent it to me is asking the person who sent it to him. She will probably have […]

History of British Policing and Funny Police Art

by tenioman History of British Policing and Funny Police Art I have many ancestors from London who were also members of various London Police Forces, I thought it may be of interest to write an article about British Policing’s history. I also have some funny Victorian British Bobbies on art prints please click here. Policing […]