Tracy Lawrence adjusts routine for his best album yet

“Are you related to Sherlock Holmes?” Image by This Year’s Love This poor girl was asked by a real pickup artist, "Are you related to Sherlock Holmes?" The look that came over her face was polite but clearly showed she didn’t think he was funny. "No…why?" she asked cautiously. "Because that says Sarah Holmes." (I […]

Diva Doll Fitness Lap Dance Seduction Routine

Want to learn the technique on how to give a sizzling hot lap dance??! Of course you do! Well we’ve got you covered! Diva Doll Fitness presents our LAP DANCE… Resenha do perfume Fantasy Britney Spears comparando com Coffe Woman Seduction O Boticário. Se gostou Clica em Gostei e adicione aos Favoritos, e quem não […]

My Facebook Routine – A great way to turn flakes into dates

Here is a great Facebook Routine I developed to get women who could become flakes to instead become dates. It’s super simple as recaptures the woman’s intere…

“Before I know someone…” Routine | Pick Up Artist and PUA Lingo …

The pick up artist's encyclopedia. Over 880 entries … Beckstar demos this routine in the Rules of Seduction on UK Channel 4: …

PUA Noob here | PUA FORUM

My goal is to become better with women and to have a better life and have better relations with people. Where do you guys think I should start, I'm a completely clean slate

Cannot F close plz help | How To Seduce A Girl – PICK UP ARTIST FORUM

My Routine that I came up with (String of Routines to # close/kiss close), Grimbo, How To Pick Up Women , 1, 01-08-2011 10:11 PM. Why can’t I close, Hondaman81, How To Text A Girl , 8, 10-05-2010 06:37 PM.

Tips for Structuring Your Comedy Routine

by Chapendra Tips for Structuring Your Comedy Routine What kind of routine you have during your comedy act will depend somewhat on the type of comedy you do. Naturally, you want to grab attention at the start, but then you also want to keep the attention through the body of your performance.   While you […]

Des Bishop’s Immersion Routine

The routine that put me on the map recorded in Sept. 2003. Video Rating: 4 / 5 Low quality version temporarily hosted here while I wait patiently for Revver to uploaded the higher quality one. Blah.

RAVE Review & Fall Foundation Routine

the Maybelline Dream LIQUID Mousse Foundation is amazing! Like I said, I bought mine at CVS for approx. . It is available at most drugstores, Walmart, etc. Products Mentioned: Dream Liquid Mousse in Honey Beige MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark MAC Flirt & Tease (frost) blush Video Rating: 4 / 5

Eliminating Most Toddler Sleep Problems Lies in the Creation of a Routine

by WarzauWynn Eliminating Most Toddler Sleep Problems Lies in the Creation of a Routine When we are talking about toddler sleep problems, we should definitely divide them into the difficulty to put the kids to sleep and the issues that may appear in a variety of forms over night. Many parents are frustrated when nothing […]