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He breaks down college game with specific examples from social circle game on how to meet girls and expand your circle of friends and potential romantic partners! Part 2: Part 3: If you want to learn more about pickup , dating, and seducing women check out our website: Fore more info on Braddock, his products and teachings, go to his bio here Love Systems 1640 Wilcox Avenue, …

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There’s an HB10 in my social circle , I hooked up with her for a few weeks a few months … Posted In How to Conquer Female PUA in Social Circle. ..

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If you’re into cold approach pick up and you’re in college, then you may have noticed that your success rate isn’t quite what it should be…. Many guys try to pick up college girls with the wrong approach.

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Most students of pickup are not social. They go out only to pick up women .