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The more you hold onto the rejection and negative energy that you have felt from women is you can begin to realize that rejection from women is you can begin to. … It’s the mindset that if they screw up with this girl there are very few others left to seduce which causes feelings of anxiety and a feeling of self worth when you realize that you will never run dry.

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He has developed skills where women are flirting with him in front of their boyfriends.

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If you have the mindset of trying to pick up women , you won’t do as well as if you have the mindset of just meeting women and creating rapport and attraction. 3

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Just in the same way that you're not attracted to every woman , not every woman is attracted to the same kind of Man. Some love bad … You need to stop trying to memorise what stage you're up to, the mindset you're supposed to embody, the routine you're supposed to deliver, and start paying attention to the most important part of any pickup – the woman