Top 5 Ways How NOT to Approach a Beautiful Woman

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Leche Materna Side Ways

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In what ways do women “traditionally” show they care on a date that a man doesn’t?

by France1978 Question by SILENT SAINT: In what ways do women “traditionally” show they care on a date that a man doesn’t? Inspired by the question about men paying for dates. What are some “traditional” or cultural ways women prove they care when on a date? This can not include things like interesting conversation or […]

3 Ways to wear a navy blazer

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Five ways To Wear: The Navy Suit — MR PORTER

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iLook – How to – Wear Navy Blazer in 5 Ways

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The Navy Blazer 5 ways!

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Ways to style short men’s hair?

Question by Anonym: Ways to style short men’s hair? Hi all. I would like advice on different ways I could style my hair. It is pretty short (“finger-length”) and I use a 2 on the sides. Currently, I just put gel on my finger and rub my hands together, then run my hands through my […]