Tailoring Clothes for Men & Women : How to Hem Suit Jacket Sleeves

To hem suit jacket sleeves, mark the proper length, remove the buttons on the side, tack up the hem and replace the buttons for a polished look. Hem up suit …
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Yes because she is a seamstress not an actual tailor, there is a

All common sense stuff. How about showing at least one of the steps?

I like the way these videos give you the information. I watch sewing shows
all the time, and they give you way too much detail. I don’t want to watch
them sew the entire thing. Keep up the good work, Deborah!

Thank-you. Perfect instructions.

dis is in me history coz my nannywas lookin at dem haha so. jus lettin u no
dat it was me nanny 🙂

I know what i have to do, i just need to know HOW to do it. This video
tells people what they already know, not what they need to know. Annoying.

@DaPs166 “…as we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know
we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know
there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns
— the ones we don’t know we don’t know.” -Dummy Rumsfeld

I love your videos!!! Very usefull… as per always I have had problems to
tayloring … Thank you for your advices.

Helpful to me – don’t need to see it being sewn, just needed to know how to
‘check’ or be sure that I understood the lining – was concerned I might
make it too tight inside if I just cut off sleeve and hemmed. good
information about measuring distance of last button to edge of sleeve and
about how close the buttons are to each other!

Not particularly helpful. I need info on standard hem depth and how to
handle the hem in a tapered sleeve. This was more of a brief overview of
hemming a lined jacket sleeve.

i understand your frustration but if you “know what you have to do” then
you already know “HOW to do it” just practice often. i suggest buying a
jacket from a goodwill or sand dollar store.

I agree, no sweing going on just saying what I know

Not recommended in sport jackets? really? Please. approaching since a
global point of view and diacronic perspective neither of lapelled jackets
can be considered sporty anymore, on the contrary as men style evolves
(devolution?) a lapelled jacket will be considered inside the “formal”
category (with the exception of extremely casual jacket attached with many
ornaments and hoods worn by teens), so against the general opinion of many
style gurus, a suit (yes, a suit) is nowadays considered “formal” in a
global perspective, used in formal ceremonies as wedding even by the
grooms, including the elite of most countries. And more traditional options
like tuxedos are skipped or ignored more and more. So, the called “sport”
coats is scaling positions, and the refinements are welcome. So the caution
against a peaked lapel sport coat is senseless.
Note: contrary to what you might think I am distressed that some garments
like unrivaled tailcoats are being discarded from the male wardrobe. but at
some point I have to make a realistic assessment of what is happening.

Fall 2012 Sir!

And the best part is you can see what the future of style has in store –
more of the same:)

so I heard you say that you should never match a pocket square and a tie?
does this always apply?

He also pulls it off while rocking a 3 piece Tom Ford. Classic.

Antonio, do a video on leather jackets please!

So who did you vote for in the recall Antonio?

IMO John Lobb after merging with Hermes went too commercial with their
Paris RTW. Their prestige line seems to be of higher quality but for the
price…meh. Mr Pocket Squares should look into Vass and G&G more bang for

Harvey Specter from Suits pulls it off great.

I’ve learned so much from you thank you… I already own a few nice suits
and jackets but given your e books advice according to my height/body
composition I may have to invest into either altering quite a bit or
re-starting my wardrobe… Not sure what to do 🙂 I to wish I had found you
many moons ago though 🙂


I did?

Won’t go down that Rabbit Hole sir! Politics, religion, and donuts will not
be discussed here:)

Quality video, I feel like a new man just by finding your channel!

I think hes pronounced “Shy la bewbs”

Search Prometheus TED Viral Clip on youtube and you’ll see Guy Pierce
pulling of this style in like a boss!

LOL Sheea LaBoof

“By going with that PEAK lapel it’s really going to NOTCH it up”

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