Terry Dene – A White Sports Coat ( And A Pink Carnation ) ( 1957 )

Charted in June 1957 in the UK & peaked at # 18. Ther first of three UK hit singles for Terry Dene.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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I saw him sing it at The Kings Theatre in Portsmouth in 1957 or 58 Marty
Robbins sang it better though One night Terry was drunk at the Kings and
his guitarist sang it as good as Terry Shame he had a problem with the Army
it ruined his singing career. and he had a disastrous marriage with Irish
Singer Ruby Murray. The Good Old days

terry refused to perform this live he hated it so much

i was 17 when this song first came out and i still love it xx

I grew up at my nans and he was a hero for my aunties I was three at the

love this song thanks for putting it on 🙂

legend of a man

Arnescountry, thank you for this. He’s still and will always be
#1 vocalist and entertainer in my book. Sure enjoy and learn a lot from
other folks’ comments. 

This band is Marty’s Tour Band, and they appeared with him at the Grand Ole
Opry; he was always the last act to appear. Grady Martin did do most of
Marty’s recording sessions, but the group you see here backed him for
years. Marty was one of the most loyal artists there was when it came to
the musicians who worked with him; that’s why few ever left him.

There are many great singers and I will not argue Marty Robbins is in the
top handful. But of performers who put EVERYTHING possible into
entertaining those who come, he is NUMBER ONE! Including backup singers, 10
people are on stage with him. You always got what you expected including
the $3000 suits. Even at 57 years old, he made no compromises, changed no
keys. Delivered every song, every note, just as you heard it the very first

I believe Marty Robbins’ great guitar player was Grady Martin.

Where can I get this full concert-video ?? Please help me I am a great
Marty Robbins Fan. Thank you..

Never be another entertainer like this. Marty was one of a kind… the very
best !

Can anyone name the lead guitar player on far left? He played with Marty
for years. El Paso etc. great guitarist. Marty was a superb singer. One of
the greatest ever IMO. So smooth in his delivery.

Thanks much for your very knowledgeable reply. Much appreciated.

There is a multi-CD set of all or almost all of the Marty Robbins TV shows
plus a few episodes of his playing “The Drifter” on TV. Pretty expensive,
but worth it for fanatic Robbins fans such as I.

Thank you for posting this. I wish I could see the entire show. Don’t think
anyone can sing as well as he does. What an entertainer!!!!

Grady Martin did the superb recording. But the Japanese guy played on tour
with Marty as Grady only worked the studio stuff. I’m not sure the date of
this show. Grady may have still been around Nashville. This may have been
his regular tour band.

one of the Best Singer of all times Hope some one would post New Videos of
Marty Robbins Live Shows That would be great.

Marty Robbins has always been one of my favs and I can remember going to
see him with my then husband who didnt particularly like him until he
watched him live and then he changed his mind!! He was brilliant and it is
such a shame that he isnt around now as my 17 year old daughter thinks he
is wonderful and would love to go to his show. R.I.P. Marty you are sadly

The guitar player with the beard looks like Ronnie Robbins! Could it be????

Thanks for posting. My mom and dad saw him in Phx in the 60s and loved it
so much they stayed and purchased tickets for the second show. PHENOMENAL
artist. Before my time, but I love him, too.

Grady played on most recordings. But the guy on left is Japanese I believe.
His name eludes me for the moment. He is a great guitarist with no
recognition of any kind. I heard his version of El Paso, and it is
awesome,but Grady of course hard to surpass the giant.

Marty’s lead guitarist in this clip and for over 30 yrs live was Jack
Pruitt…brother of Hank Williams guitarist Sammy Pruitt

What star power! Such a magnificent talent! One of the original crossover

Great singer who just liked to have fun when performing. THANKS for the

My all time favorite singer. My dad always sang his songs while playing the
guitar while I was growing up.. Marty always makes me smile…

I believe it was the great Grady Martin.

wil ferell could totally pull off that look

Always a fan of Marty!!!!

Thanks for the information on this particular performance. Do you know if
Grady Martin did the fabulous guitar work on the hit recording of “El Paso”?

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