The Baldy Man. China Doll. Series 2 Episode 3 Part 1

Baldy tries to attract the interest of a beautiful looking woman. Starring Gregor Fisher.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

Uk researchers (Dr Nick Neave et al.) filmed 19 volunteers with 3D motion-capture and subjected female volunteers to the dance moves and asked them to rate them in order of attractiveness. In this video, I’m reposting the good and moves found on their website. WATCH & LEARN! Sountrack: Dj Num 9 – Pathemarconix; *Old Skool Jungle* ; Essential Mix – Above & Beyond (Dj Mix).
Video Rating: 2 / 5

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women played by Louise Beattle who is in naked video series 5.

Why does the “good dancer” also suck?

when i say ‘gay’ in this video, i mean South Park kinda ‘gay’ not Gays. If I was attacking gays, i’d use the word fag.

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@PhantomAct Firstly I don’t believe you. Secondly the correct word for heterosexuals is ‘straight’, and it’s not an insult.

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