The Body Language Secret Revealed

by Monyokararan.

The Body Language Secret Revealed

Are you looking for a way to climb to the top of the corporate ladder? If so, then you may wan to consider the way you sit, stand and converse with others in your office. What do your facial expressions and gestures say about you? And more important, what do the facial expressions and gestures of others reveal about their attitudes towards you? By learning the body language secrets, you can be on your way to greater success in the workplace. You might be interested to learn that the body language secret is easier to decipher than you might think.

If you are skeptical about the significance that the body language role plays in interpersonal and professional relationships today, consider the statistics that show that more than 90% of our message to others is communicated through non-verbal cues. This includes tone of voice, facial expressions and other forms of body language. By learning the body language secret, you will be able to improve the effectiveness of your own communication skills. Better communication can lead to landing the job you want, getting the promotions you seek and even finding the perfect mate.

Using the Body Language Secret to Exude Confidence

When it comes to getting the job or promotion, it’s all about confidence. You can exude self confidence to a potential boss with the proper body language techniques. In the case of a job interview, the body language secret is to walk with an easy stride, offer a firm handshake and maintain eye contact throughout the interview. All of these gestures will show an employer that you believe that you have what it takes to perform the job in question. As you enter a person’s office, immediately offer your hand for a firm, warm handshake. That initial gesture will say much about the type of first impression that you make on a prospective employer.

As you answer questions during the interview, make eye contact with the person that you are speaking with, and lean slightly forward to show interest in the conversation. Smiling is also a good way to show interest in your interviewer, as long as you don’t keep that grin plastered across your face for the entire interview! Allow your facial expressions and gestures to shift as the conversation and topic warrant. Check your posture to ensure that you are holding your body upright without appearing stiff or tense. Don’t be afraid to use hand gestures while talking, since well-placed gestures will convey sincerity and enthusiasm for the topic at hand – another body language secret to keep in mind.

The Universal Language

If you are interested in using the body language secret in the dating arena, many of the tips that you would use to land a job will be applicable here as well. However, there are some techniques that you can add to your body language repertoire to ensure that you appear approachable and friendly to members of the opposite sex. First, keep your body language open when in a social gathering, which means that you want to avoid gestures like crossing your arms and legs or holding an object in front of you. While this may be one of the oldest body language secrets in the book, it is still highly effective in attracting others to you.

Other ways to show interest include smiling, maintaining eye contact and keeping your body parallel to the person that you are talking to. While staring across the room at someone who looks interesting might be the way to get his attention, it may also scare him off if the look is too intense. A confident gaze across the crowd will show that you are friendly and approachable without setting off any alarms. It is also important to place yourself in the correct location of a room to enhance your chances of meeting new people. Your best bet is to circulate throughout the center of a room, or hang out by a window, since this is an area where people will tend to congregate. Avoid sitting at tables or the bar, or leaning against walls.

With the right body language secrets under your belt, you will have much more success in your professional and social life. The way that you convey messages nonverbally is much more important than the words you choose.

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