the difference between men’s fashion and women’s fashion?

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by classic_film

Question by Ursula: the difference between men’s fashion and women’s fashion?
it is serious.don’t joke

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Answer by Aphrodite
Men’s fashion is going to be sewn more for the male body style and likewise for the women’s. Women’s fashion appeals more to the female eye, and men’s to the male eye.

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Women’s clothes are generally made to enhance or show off their body’s curves. Men’s clothes are usually made to make their body look straight without curves. Compare: < > vs < >

Women’s clothing may have bright colors and men’s generally aren’t as bright.

Women’s clothes often cover less skin that men’s. Compare: < > vs < > A muscle shirt is the least amount of cloth most men will wear, but women may wear spaghetti straps, halter tops, or tube tops.

Women’s shirts also often have more skin between the collarbone and the actual top of the shirt, and women’s shirts sometimes have a V-shaped neck, which is rare for men’s shirts.

Men’s clothes are usually either a solid color, striped, or (rarely nowadays) plaid. Women’s clothes may have other patterns.

The bottoms of men’s shirts generally reach the tops of their pants or lower. Women’s shirts can end far above their bellybutton.

Men’s shorts (trousers, short pants) often end below the knee, sometimes almost coming to the ankle. Women’s shorts often barely cover the bottom of their buttocks. Compare: < > vs < >

Women’s clothes can be more flamboyant than men’s. Women can have ruffles, lace, belts, whatever they want. Men generally don’t have this.

Typical of women’s shoes are heels, open toes, pointy toes, open tops. Men’s shoes generally have none of these (though sometimes have a small heel). Compare: < or > < or >

Men generally don’t wear makeup. Women’s makeup should enhance their natural beauty (though some women just paint it on because it “makes them beautiful”) and focuses mainly on the eyes and lips.

Final thing: Women can wear men’s clothes without looking weird. Men can’t wear women’s clothes without looking weird!

Price! Seriously, when I go shopping with my wife, I practically can get 3 shirts and a pair of jeans for what she pays for like 2 tanktops…and all from the same store. Guy’s stuff is just cheaper, probably because not as many guys care about having the latest fashions, not to mention guys stuff doesn’t really change that much…in the past 20 years it has basically gone from stripes and plaids, to plain, to logos and graphic art, and the cycle will probably repeat soon.

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