The Evolution of Dance – Blue Man Style

Three of us did a remake of the Evolution of Dance, but as the Blue Man Group it was at a high school variety show. We used the idea of the Evolution of Danc…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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whats up with the two akwards ones just wondering around bring up random
little kids??

Are you on tour

The kids being on stage was pointless lol but eh its at school

I was watching Blue Man Group videos and found this. It’s a high school
show act and although the students aren’t professionals it’s pretty
creative and cute. I think they did a good job and are brave for even
attempting it. ;)

bravissimi come sempre!!!!


99 ppl missed the like button

The extra people fucking ruined it.. I mean who just walks up on the stage
and interrupt them?

nice job just a little of..but not by much

the blue woman looked awesome but she didnt do much, the piggy tail was cute

you know i love how everyone in the croud thinks it origanal

O well

Blue MAN group. just sayin’.

Because as we all know Blue women aren’t worth a blue damn and they should
stay in the blue kitchen and make me a friggin blue sammich! Da ba dee da
ba da… XD

I wish I did this for my school talent show when I was in 7th grade. Maybe
when I move to a high school with a real talent show, I’ll do it. 🙂

You guys did awesome!!!!!!! That was the funniest thing I’ve seen!!!

I Iike big butts

a girl? WTFUDGE

This combination is perfect!! i actually thought of BMG when i saw the
original in a couple of moments

Ok, I like those 3 blue guys in the middle, but the other 2 blue guys are
getting in the way and there bringing people on stage too. -_-

haha the guy who did the worm at 3.59 is white not blue…..


@jeli1979* sorry damn autocorrect

@Tuner010 That was Outcast

6:08 Me? Him? Me? Him? Him? Me? Me? haha snl skit ftw

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