The Flirts – Passion 12 Inch Version

The Flirts – Passion 12 Inch Version
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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some of this version sounds very similar to Slice Me Nice – Fancy which is great love both songs thanks for share.

vraiment tres bon single de bobby orlando pour le groupe “the flirt”

i love the popcorn sound at the beginning, makes me hungry for some jiffy pop

i love this extra-long extended version, this primitive yet brilliant sound is amazing!

Great Memories of BOLTS in North London, if only we could go back to the great days of disco

@dimples135 Yeah the 21 and over sounds…apperantlly L.A was the only area where that was done..go figure!!

Check out the new Bobby O releases “Angel (Downfall)” & “I’m Alone This Christmas”!!

…..Such Good Shit.

the original fist pumping music…..take that jersey shore lol

@dimples135 How can this suck:this is the original!!

The creme de la creme; I had this 12 inch single a LONG time ago. A true hi nrg classic tune from the 1980’s.
I adore all Bobby Orlando’s stuff; so unique and amazing.

The creme de la creme; I had this 12 inch single a LONG time ago. A true hi nrg classic tune from the 1980’s.


cool song man… I’d really like to have the version techno from the nineties!!

very sexy erotica high energy, sexy tune to dance to

these woman are amazing!°

I Like this song = ) Pasion!

@solidstrangers thx to bobby o.!

Alte Metropol zeiten (Berlin) ,anfang 80 iger. lange nicht gehört aber immer noch geil olle Bobby O

i want a german boyfriend please…:)

Eines der besten,geprägtesten und wichtigsten ITALODISCO Songs überhaupt..keines davon hatte ich öfters gehört! was kann besser sein?? das nenne ich hochachtungsvoll Musik ! Supersupergut ! Thanks The Flirts!! gruß aus Hessen/Germany

fantastica……….e un grazie a quel genio di BOBBY ORLANDO….( anche se sono 30 anni che ci ha lasciato),ma la SUA musica resterà sempre con noi!Ciao BOBBY.

@Maniaccount =0_0= I ♥ Italo, House, Trance Techno! 😛

Many Greeting from CH-Zurich! =0_0=

just love elektropop

die kiste kannst immer widder höre, einfach wahnsinn…………….

I may or may not be in love with you.

hahahah!! this is so great…

you are hilarious. i laughed so many times watching that vid. good advice, too.

I love your videos,there very interesting and helpful. And makes you actually want to watch it.

Love it!

Great advice. I will work on inspiring him to ask me out. Wish me luck!

i love how i can get a mans point of view on relationships ur awesome! lol

hahahaaaahaahahaa stupid wenie hahahaha

u are nuts hahahahaha the whole courtroom thing


OMG. lmao wen u said dump the bucket on his head and smack him around, LOL

dude! you rock!


i would definitely buy your book if you made one!! love your advice!!

haha okay you are awesome.

shaboinking lmaoooooooo… ucking amazing

Wow thank you so much for your advice. I am in this sort of predicament….. now just to muster the courage to actually DO IT!


lmaooo you got me with the popcorn/movie theater scenario!!!

As Always Videos Get Better + Better. 🙂 Your Advice Is Sooo Helpful! Keep Going, ive Read Comments That If You Wrote A Book. Haha, Id Buy One. xx 😉

OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD!I couldn’t stop laughing!!
Ur brilliant!

OMFG!… this is sooo hilarious!!!!

you’re a genius!

he is a comedian…….

You are awesome!

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