The man’s guide to dressing for interviews

This guide shows you The man’s guide to dressing for interviews Watch This and Other Related films here:… – Click here for my detailed and illustrated article on Style Tips For Tall Men – Dressing The Thin & Ta…
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I liked the way he was clear and concise.

anything casual for the tall guy? And I don’t mean a button down, jeans and
a pair of oxford shoes.

camera on tripod. two men in a room. no dirty mind please :)

So, where is the TALL man?

he needs to have a “knockout” pulled on him and SOON

6’6 and 180. This helps me a bit.

More than Nazi zombies from the dark side of the moon?

Great video! I’m 6’1” and about 155lbs so this helps a lot

6’3″, 205 lbs w/ 33″ inseam. Another advantage of a jacket is it reduces
emphasis of long-leggedness. (I used to wear vests to add a couple inches
to the torso.) PS, I find A LOT of great wool coats at thrift stores
(though hipsters are starting to harvest them too). They’re great w/ jeans
and casual trousers. I wear them out at night, and b/c they’re so
inexpensive I don’t mind if they get a little soiled. My +$550 Joseph
Abbouds, on the other hand… PPS-I unfasten 3 buttons; no biggie.

Someday I will cover this………

When I made that jacket I think I was drinking too much that
night……seriously though, I just did it for fun to see who would notice!

Watch his video for college students, should be very similar

Great video as always!

I’m 5’9″ – Tim is 6’1″

Curly haired dude’s best tip for tall lanky dudes – don’t hide behind
baggier clothes.

You’re going to love what we have planned – already have 16 tie diagrams
completed – plan on starting to release these here in the next month!

I’m 6’6″ and it’s even worse for me.

Agreed – this is why custom clothiers love men like you 🙂

god i hate the word “lanky” it’s sounds so negative and unhealthy

tall doesnt mean lanky or skinny or any of that. you morons are clueless to

Is that a creeper for your avatar? My son mines (not at night) so it looks

Tall with long legs (and a relatively short torso) is even more difficult
to shop for. Needing 32×36 pants really narrows your options.

Antonio, it would be amazing if you could make another video for short guys
haha, since I find it a little hard to “look taller” not knowing what kind
of clothing to choose. Great tips as always.

You nailed it!

You couldn’t stop looking at his hair 😛

Thanks tall lanky dude!

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