The power of the HAND!

I just wanted to tell you guys how I read up on the use of hands when talking. A tool that will help you to build attraction when you use them correctly. Thanks all of you for sticking with me! I want to help as many people as I can and learn everyday! Hey check out my new channel Also you can get me on Twitter, Facebook and Myspace!
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Wow where did u get all the information u have from?? Many of the things u say are true, but it seems u have studied a lot the topic, like a teacher

nice audio on this video keep it up

I had to watch the video twice, for obvious reasons.

1. Do you really box?
2. What do you think about hip hop guys?

This is actually one of the best TIps I can think of to up my game. Because it’s so much more important than you could imagine.


You’re like smart, beautiful, and witty. What else can you do that you’re not telling us? Yay!

I love your double Ds!!!!! I mean it with passion!

maybe make a video the importance of posture. i remember being 17 and i’d kind of walk around hunched over looking down at the floor but then you start thinking about it and try to stand up real straight, head up, shoulders back looking forward, and i think it makes a real different in how you present yourself for girls. you’re a girl, is that something girls notice? i’d think so

and now you’re eyez are blue ? 😐 what colour are they realy ?

@lifeshot09 who is use

@SoulStatement Well there’s definitely a spot that makes her start screaming a word that starts with G when you get down to business

speaking of making sense you are trying to apply science and sense to picking up women but everyone knows women don’t make sense
science and women do not mix
in fact recently science has said there is no reason to believe the G spot exist but most girl would say it does

just plain white ones with no pupils

my theory is that girls like a guy using his hands because subconsciously it lets her know that his hands will be very skilled when it comes to a different task that takes place after the conversation.

your boobs wont stop staring at me


So your hand … become more animated.
wich hold your attention.
Thats build attraction .

You held my attraction fore something else.

this is also used in politics

i could listen a video of u saying chus all day

You’re not doing too bad at all. A nerd like me likes information, after all -.-

show use your boobs

But, it might be too laqte we cant just change his arrangements for his video

BORING! make like a funny video oh oh! i know with Shane Dawson he could be like shannaynay and u guyz fight over who will marry Shane in this saturdays episode :]

Make a video about what are guys doing with their hands while they watch your videos 🙂 ur smokin btw

You should have added some good ways that guys can wave when saying hi that catch a girls attention or doesn’t seem girlish

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