the recruit Jump Jump meme

why did this take soooo looonnngg :O idk y ^^ lol every recruit member that has lines lol i might have missed a few kits, but they dont come in till like.. the end of the season lol, or like halfway 😛 wait. actually. i should probably add them oo oh well though 😛 i do still need voices! lol in fact this is just a fancy casting call to attract people XD only 68 frams lol so.. parts i have and need :3 Brightstar – Y2JenJenn Leaftail – Wowzierful Jaytail – tom bland voice. nothing special Ivypaw- Okamikitty Gorsepaw- Puppypaw10 Smallkit- Okamikitty Nightpelt- xStarski14 Rainpaw-Shadowtiger50 Snake – VoicesandRants Decay- AnKproductions100 Cloupelt-AnKproductions100 Pollen – Strong female. young voice usually sweet Mudstripe- Evil character. mid aged tom Stormbringer- Deputy, young tom voice Eyepatch – Elder, very cranky and crackled voice Leopardpelt – Y2JenJenn Bearfeet – Hunter Brindlepaw – Adrienne Hazel/Hazeleyes-starclan warrior, Brightstars brother, gental tom voice mid aged Whitemist-Missydanced2 Foxkit- tom with an important role. young voice Mudfur- deep caring tom voice Honeydew- sweet midagged shecat Crookedkit- tom, boring personality, bland voice, but squeaky Goldenkit- hyper tom, he kids around alot, young tom voice Grayfur- Old tom, rants alot, crackled voice Minnowclaw- i have to many for her audition lol Specklestar- Okamikitty (again. ) lol Robin- male rogue. few lines. any voice? lol Darkriver- youngish tom voice, bitter Mistwing- Okamikitty (lol
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@Shadowtiger50 k uh you have paffendorf if not if you give me this through email i’ll give you paffendorf

@WhereFantsyRules YES lol choose one ^^ most of them are open 😀 and idk about who fits you X3 just try out some lines (when u get a mic :P)

if i ever get a mic do you think i can voice one? is there one that can fit my voice

i need this song


@Y2JenJenn lol

lmao omg I’m loving this…

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