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Approach Women | How To Seduce Women

Hey guys. Today I’m going to show you some video of a guy who’s just starting to learn how to approach women and how to seduce women. This guy is a student i…

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good. i would of just closed their laptops. jk

Thank you, I appreciate the dialog as well. We’ve actually spoken
before…just with a different avatar 😉

I’m not saying your “material” doesn’t work; I’m saying that it’s 100%
phony, incredibly manipulative, and will only result in relationships with
a very specific type of woman. I’m sure lying to women about cool
adventures you never went on gets you laid sometimes. But have you ever
tried having a conversation with another person? It’ll do wonders for ya 😉

More like this, please.

I agree with you that women want lots of sex…probably more than most men
do. And again, I agree that your method helps guys get laid (and, as a
result, women as well). However, “manipulative” unfortunately does exist.
People CAN by hypnotized without their knowledge or consent, and this
happens all the time. I’ve done it a few times without meaning to, and felt
bad afterward because I realized the girl–though she wanted sex and went
along with it–was in some sort of mild trance at the time.

BradP 3030 is great. I got laid with a hot blond today on the toilette in
the cinema 1 hour after meeting her and Iam only in month 3. I would
recommend this programm to everybody who wants to get better with women!

Yeah sure having conversations are great and of course I teach that. And
you are entitled to your opinion. But you have to get a girl interested or
she won’t want to have a conversation with you. Saying hi doesnt do that.
“Manipulative” is something that doesn’t exist. You can’t force someone to
do something they dont want to (except maybe rape), but you can create
circumstances that allow them to do what they truly want to do. Women TRULY
want lots of sex, and my method helps make it happen.

Hey brad what do i do when i try to talk to a girl and she completely
ignores me. and why is that and how can i stop it. i think thats the only
thing holding me back. im go out with the knowledge of your books and works
wonders especially the horse girl one but one thing thats stopping me is
many times when i try to talk they just ignore me please help, thanks

Well shit, sounds like I’ve got better game than your A-list celebrity
friends. Oh, wait–I probably don’t. I bet every one of them slept with
him, and they’ve hilariously convinced you that they turned him down. (You
really think turning one guy down is such a big deal that girls still talk
about it years later? Get real, dude. They’re lying to you).

Couldn’t agree more! I love 3030

¿Hola, vine de recoge sitio de artista y quiso saber de su vídeo venidero.
qué es las artimañas que usted utiliza para conseguir tipos que teniendo
relaciones sexuales?

HI gets interest if you’re a super hot guy or have great presence or
status. For most of the guys I teach that is not the case. So they need
something reliable. It’s all about getting reliable attraction. My
students get to the point where they know they can walk out of their house
any time they want and get attraction.

BTW Moose, i don’t mid your comments at all, please continue to come on
here and post. You and I have different opinions, but you are welcome to
comment on my page whenever you want.

James Trail, the reason he’s calling KJ is because anyone who has ever
actually been out trying to pickup girls would know that what you suggested
doesn’t ever work. Just say hi? Worst advice ever. Tell her you want to
fuck her right away? You gotta be kidding me. Go try that 100 times and I
bet you won’t get laid. In fact, you won’t get one single phone number. If
you want to share some advice with the world, maybe go try what you’re
suggesting before you start spewing bullshit on the internet.

BurningMoose you seem like you’ve never talked to a woman before. No woman
wants to hear “I want to sleep with you” from a guy she just met. That’s
crazy talk. Women want to end up sleeping with a guy because “it just
happened.” Women don’t want to agree to sex in advance. It makes them feel
weird and creates uncomfortable obligations. Women prefer a guy who they
have to chase. My openers work for guys who struggle with women, guys with
social anxiety, and normal guys.

And I also disagree that “Hi” can’t get a girl interested. When I see a
woman I want to talk to, and she’s making eye contact with me, walking up
and introducing myself has rarely (if ever) failed. I don’t believe you
“have to” get a girl interested; I think they’re already interested, and
most guys just fuck it up somewhere along the way. I’m certainly guilty of
this from time to time, just like I imagine you are!

Look dude…I get that you’re trying to sell your product to a certain
group of guys, and that selling any product requires a certain amount of
salesmanship. I get that, I really do. But the product you are selling
paints a negative and inaccurate view of women as a whole. All this does is
distort your view of relationships, and then rationalize your students’
failures with a bunch of laughable generalizations.

TRUE STORY- I was at the playboy mansion and a girl told me a story of an A
list celebrity who walked up to a group of girls, said “Hi” and then said
“I want to sleep with you” to a few of the girls. All the girls ditched
him. They talk shit on him to this day, and this happened over a year ago.
“HI+I want to sleep with you” does not work for ANYONE, not even
celebrities. My material works for anyone willing to put in the work,
normal guys or even guys with poor social skills.

My guess is that you are projecting low value and they don’t want to be
seen talking to you. Thats why women ignore guys sometimes. It’s a fairly
easy fix. in 30/30 we work on fashion, body language, and voice tone, and
this cures the problem of women ignoring you. It takes a few months, but
it’s worth the effort.

you know whats more silly….That you are watching this dy. Come on man…..

its not about words..fancy or simple, its about the energy, inside of you,
if you feel connected to yourt masculine core, then everything will work,
it doesnt matter what you can speak about boring subjects..and it
will still attract her, thats true alpha strength, and not fake alpha,
trying to be funny or charming, thats just trying to much, even thou it can
be fun..its needy..coz if you have that mindset that you have to say funny
or outrageous words, and be a banter king.

You gotta be kiddin me with this hypnotism shit. I bet she just wanted to

Why in the world do you need lines to open girls..just say hi and go from
there and if you’re intentions to fuck her..let her know in some many

this is silly. why do you blur the guy but not the people who youre filming
without their permission?

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