The truth about lying – Find out all you need to know about The Truth About Lying!

by tomquah

The truth about lying – Find out all you need to know about The Truth About Lying!

The truth about lying is that we all do it at some stage in our life, from big whopper to little white lies, from small children to adults we all do it, some convincingly and some not so convincingly.

I for one found out many lies that have been told to me by just simply knowing my kids and all their actions changing the tone of their voice and their body pose when they are telling lies, people in shops tell you lies, people tell lies some times to sell a story to the media, or make up stories to friends about some one they don’t like we have all heard the lies and told them when we were growing up even if it was to help cover up for someone. The Truth about Lying is that no matter what type of lie it is it is still a lie

Every time our face body and expressions show that we are lying, but what is the sure way to know the truth about lying or when someone is telling you a lie. Some people cant stop telling lies and many of us struggle to tell a lie.

The truth about lying is that no matter how small the lie is or how it is a white lie or a joke or a great big fib, it’s a lie an untruth, like right from wrong we all know right from wrong and we all know what’s a lie and what’s the truth, some people tell lies and then after it they say “it the truth” a lie followed by another lie, one my kids used many time on me.

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The Truth About Lying

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