Things Cougars Do When They Get Drunk By KarenLee Poter (LoveEncore)

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Just so you know, I promote responsible drinking. Don’t even think of
drinking and driving. 

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Do body shots. 😀

me likes her

grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr me likes

Meh too. She’s a great YouTuber 🙂

you girl karen your a Cougar have fun

KarenLee…so how did you feel the next day? Loved the video…and the TRUE
representation of Cougar drinking!! You seem like a lot of fun when you are
partying and drinking it up! Very similar to my wifie. Oh Yeah…LOVE it!!

You’re right! My memory gets fuzzy when I drink. 🙂

Blurred Lines…………

your a very hot cougar when your drunk

Wow that’ so sweet! Thank You

np Karen “THANK YOU” we enjoy your videos and love your bubbly personality

I love it when you growl, John

How did I feel the next day? Not too good, but after drinking a lot of
water, I recovered. I like what you wrote about a TRUE representation of
Cougar drinking. Glad you liked it.

you are a goddess, thanks for tips


You’re welcome!

ur pretty karen lee poter

Ohhhh Behave 🙂

awww thanks John and Dan


thanks Daniel – yup go Illini

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