This One’s For The Girls Lyrics by Martina McBride

*Lyrics for your enjoyment*

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this one’s for the girls, who’ve ever had a broken heart <.<.<.< best line [email protected]

Do not sleep naughty women here

this just reminds me how we are all girls. whether we are crazy, in love, insane, goth, tall, short, moody, wonderful, big, or small…we are ALL girls! (except the boys…) and this ones for the GIRLS its for all of us. this song brings all different types of girls together. guys, girls are really strong! and no matter who you are…you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and dont you forget it. i love you girls 🙂

i just started HS and this song made me soo confedent…….. I <3 SPAGGETTIOOOOOS

@snlover098 im 13 theres no differecnce i promise u cant tell of course age is mind over matter if u dont mind it dosent matter so to me im like still mentally 3 of course truley i should mind but i like being the way i am and so yea

@snlover098 keep dreaming

i cant wait till im 13 now it might be fun

XD i love this song!!

@lunakitty526 Hey !!! It’s not boyz or girlz stuff……It’s just a song girls. Just chill & enjoy it..

SOOOOOOOO True !!!!!

Im 13 and this song already meant soo much to me but now my 14th b-day is comming up and i’ll have new challenges that i’ll have to deal with
its going to be a sad year next year in highschool

1.copy and paste

2.send this to 2 other videos

3.hold your breath for 10 seconds refresh twice


Now that I’m thirteen, this song means so much more(:

This one for the girls! 😉

i love this song!!!!!!!!!

This song is dedicated to all girls!

When i was little i love Martina Mcbride. She was my favorite singer and i couldn’t wait to be 13 so i could be in one of the catagories! Haha i love how little mminds think.

heh i always seem to say this kkinda stuff to my friends and they once said ill listen when it becomes a song well ha
girls dont stand for any nonsence u can do wat ever you want wohhoo thanks mom for teaching me that

i will try to hold on to my innocense!!!!!!

the part were she said this is for all the girls how had a broken heart nd wished on a star I did with my x will i did it just last week

the 10 people who disliked clearly had their screen upside down

this ones for the girls 🙂 <3

My cat is purring his head off.. he must love this song as much as I do… 15 and standing my ground when everbodys giving in : )

@AliamanuChick4 i’m also 14 and in high school. something i learned in the first 2 months of high school: stand your ground and don’t do stupid things. you have your morals and stand by them. your sister made a terrible mistake and her life is now changed forever. do you want to end up like that? no. you are your own person who knows what’s best for yourself. just stand up for and respect yourself and you’ll do fine. 🙂

@AliamanuChick4 I always thought I wanted to be like my sister bc she is smarter and more responsible but you will always be completely unique. One thing I learned is life is way too short to give a shit about what others think of you, especially in an atmosphere like high school that is so short. You’ve got the rest of your life, make the best choices for you, not based on someone elses. But believe me I know how hard it is. Be strong!

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