Thought on this trade? (Knicks & Blazers)?

Question by Go: Thought on this trade? (Knicks & Blazers)?
Knicks got
-Andre Miller
-Nicholas Batum

Blazers got
-Chris Duhon
-Jordan Hill

Is that fair trade? why?

Explain it to me.
I think this trade is good, Miller simple doesn’t fit in the Blazers’ system and Duhon is doing bad recently in the Knicks, so why not swap players?

As for Batum/Hill, they’re only bonus chips in the trade.

Best answer:

Answer by Gilbert A0
andre miller puts up more points than chris duhon and nick batum has got potential as well as jordan hill but knicks got the better deal

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heck no andre miller is way to good to be traded to the knicks especially for chris duhon and jordan hill!!!!????

WAIT WHOA! Did this go through? WTF? Or are you just fantasising? Dont F ing thumbs down me….im serious man

i dont thick so! i think that the blazers need another guy. look at there rostor and look at the knicks.

Like it but this will not make anyone better or Worse like Democrats and Republicans nothing will happen when you do nothing.

Trade Good Politics Bad

The fact is Brandon Roy believes he handles the ball better than Andre Miller.

But by bringing in an equally good defender but much terrible shooter in Chris Duhon, it does not help the clause (and it is not the a logical return in terms of talent by trading Miller). Indeed, the co-existence of Duhon and Steve Blake creates an overlap in supporting PG role, and I doubt they can make a difference when they play together in the 2PGs scenario. In other words, a swap between Duhon and Blake rather makes sense, but again Blazers will take Roy’s preference in a higher priority.

In addition, I do not see any reason for Knicks and Blazers to move Jordan Hill and Nicolas Batum respectively. As long as Jared Jeffries and Al Harrington remain in Knicks uniform, it is fairly doubtful for Hill, a prototype of Anderson Varejao, to earn meaningful minutes. Meanwhile, the importance of Batum has been widely underestimated that he is assigned to chase after opposing go-to guy, and he is the like of Rudy Gay who can do every little thing. An obvious finding is that Blazers’ perimeter defense is underperformed partly because of the absence of Batum.

Indeed, Blazers should take risk on Nate Robinson if they set for a swap with Knicks. The bottomline is that Robinson has been a former teammate of Roy and his presence will provide extra scoring and energy in the wing. It will be an interesting match-up if Blazers dare to play Robinson and Jerryd Bayless at the same time with Roy handling the ball. In addition, Blazers still have Patrick Mills who is currently the 4th PG in the roster who can be a decent contingent backup.

Aiming to match the salary, Blazers can also consider to pick up Darko Milicic and send Either Blake or Charles Outlaw to Knicks in return to add depth in the middle – at least Milicic delivers once a month.

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