Tie Knots & Special Occasions – Should A Man Wear A Specific Necktie Knot Style For Certain Events?

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Why A Man Should Wear A Scarf - Function & Fashion - Scarves Style & Warmth Protection

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hey what should i wear for every day ? im 21 and recently started buying
dress clothes but dont really know what to wear . can i wear a suit all day
or do i just wear a dress shirt and tie ?? like i really have no clue on
how to dress nice . thank you for your reply 

Nice job brother…….Starting to wear ties need more info aka looks of
styles of knots with shirts thx.

@SirBlade666 Sir – great point – thank you!

@xa1200 You are correct sir!

Hi Antonio, your videos are great! I always thought that the kerchief on
the breast pocket should be the same material, or at least the same colour
as the tie, but seeing you in this video with a green tie and a red(?)
kerchief, and looking elegant, made me rethink my personal criteria. I
think it is both daring and quite elegant! Congratulations and great work!

Learning that the four-in-hand knot for me as a short person is a great
help. I believe that I have read recently that black is not the best color
for slacks and coats when the body type is short/small. Lighter color
choices for the short man is perhaps the better one.

i am 21 years old and i like to wear shirts and ties and sometimes suites
but whenever i do and go out i feel like everyone is staring at me and my
friends keep telling that i think big of myself. it’s not that common where
i live to see people wearing shirts and ties especially people my age.I
don’t know if i should start wearing jeans and t-shirts what do you think

A tie should frame the face if I am correct.

@Alexanderhakki Good questions. The short answer is I made this jacket and
decided to incorporate a few details that would help it stand out from the
pack (it’s blue – so the color wasn’t going to do it!). I’ll look to answer
this in a video sir as I notice you are kind enough to leave solid
comments! R/S Antonio

@macallan18year I look to address it sir!

Antonio, I wear plenty collared shirts, and I’m trying to figure out what
type of tie I should get for day to day casual wear. Stripes, plaid,
paisley? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I agree with the idea of proportion. Therefore, you should add the material
and size of the tie into consideration. For example, I got a really nice
tie a few years ago on christmas. The form is relatively wide and the
material extremely thick. The first time I tried it on, I used a Windsor
knot and it just looked wrong because the knot was tremendous in size. So,
I went for a simple knot. Normally I wear much thinner and smaller ties. In
this case, I go for the full-sized double windsor.

@RealMenRealStyle Thank you, Antonio. Keep up the great work!

I can’t get a dimple like that!!

@SirBlade666 Well – I would say then that the four-in-hand is for

Bowties seem nearly impossible to tie, even with detailed video’s as a
guide. If you go to a blacktie event, be sure to practice long beforehand,
or make sure you have a pre-tied one as backup.

@americanlove10 A big knot should be okay on a long neck. Depending on how
thick the tie is a half-Windsor will probably do just fine!

Hi Antonio, what kind of knot do you recommend for men with long face and
long neck? I have heard that a wider spread collar will look well with men
who have this face shape but wider spread requires big knots and it seems
like a smaller knot would work better. What is your thought on this? please

Antonio, I’ve noticed that when you do wear a tie in your videos, it is
always flawlessly knotted – those dimples are the bomb! Could you perhaps
do a video to demonstrate how you knot your ties so impeccably. Thanks!

Ill be honest I despise the four-in-hand, I feel like anyone who wears that
knot just doesnt care and thinks of their knot as a chore rather than a
statement about themselves. With one more step they could tie the half
winsdor which is a far better knot and can look very good.

Wow, that blazer/sport jacket is just something else. It looks classic and
normal, of course, but the handkerchief on the right and the pearly looking
cuff buttons, just…neat.

@4lougehrig There’s not much of a trick beside practicing! But I can do a
step-by-step video — I’ll add it to our queue!

Bowties seem nearly impossible to tie, even with detailed video’s as a
guide. If you go to a blacktie event, be sure to practice long beforehand,
or make sure you have a pre-tied one as backup. Regarding knots, I’m told
the full windsor was a republican knot, while the democrats tend to wear

@fpxdaxbe A nice thick tie with a good wool liner helps! But try just
pinching the sides a bit with a thumb and middle finger while you press
down on the center a bit with the knuckle of your pointer finger.

Whats your opinion on unique-looking knots like the Trinity, Ediety, or
Eldridge? I personally love it that they don’t look like the normal,
everyday triangle. But are they too unusualy for formal events in your

You’ll lose more heat from exposed hands and feet, as they carry a ton of
veins and arteries

The myth that your head loses heat quicker started during a faulty British
military study early last century in Antarctica. Heat loss is the same on
your head as it is anywhere else on your body. although the participants in
the study were not wearing hats, hence the origin of the myth..Google it.

What colors or combinations should I get with scarfs if I have a black and
brown coat ? 

Your best video this far, loved that you had the rack with scarfs with you.
Make it allot easier for me to see what you mean, since I am from Norway
and have dyslexia. I have been following you for some time, but I think
this was a big step the right direction. You know what you are talking
about, but your points comes more through the screen. I hope you enjoyed
this feed back, continue with the the great content. Yours sincerely Jøran
21 P.S. You should do a video on Chuck Bass’s style.

Carotid is of Greek origin. “Kah-rah-tid.” Although I’m not sure why people
are getting so upset over the pronunciation of a word.

@qumsiehward Excellent! We’ll keep experimenting and improving…

“carrot-oid”? “vertebra-l”? It’s “ca-RA-tid” and “ver-TEE-bral” my friend.
Makes u sound unintelligent when u say it wrong.

You are right. It is of Greek origin 🙂 Although I never heard anyone to
say kah-rah-tid (seems like karate), only Kah-roh-tid

changing the background from black to white is a lot better

You never said how to identify a guys scarf from a girls nor did you say
why wearing a scarf is manly

excelent tutorial I weare both wool and silksatin scarfs And I dont care
what anybody thinks , scarfs are really greate , I mite add on a cold day
with no scarf the neck muscles can be injured with quick movments , and if
you have ever had a pulled muscle it can ruin ya day all the best gs

it’s carotid and vertebral, if you are speaking latin. if verTEEbral should
be some english version of latin then whatever.

Thank you sir!

I am in the tropics… And it is making 12ºC…

@ditbot Ha ha…he certainly seems to generate comments, if nothing else!

I am very impressed with the amount of dedication, and passion that you
bring to your videos. Thank you for making such amazing, professional
videos. keep it up!

@Elfic100 Overcoat rather than jacket in this one, to go with the scarves.
I should have thrown a jacket on underneath, which is what it’s cut
for…glad you guys are noticing these things!

Antonio could you comment or do a video about men’s silk scarves ? I’ve
seen it recently in the new run of Dallas – J.R. is rocking a silk scarf
inside a dress shirt collar – I like it ! Any thoughts about that ?

It’s interesting how your jacket seems to be more bulky than the other that
I’ve seem in other videos. It’s larger or it’s the fabric?

@Elfic100 It obviously looks like an overcoat when looking at the heavier
fabric and the sleeve length so it needs to fit a little bit loose in order
to wear a jacket or SC underneath it…. thats only my guess though.

I love your voice…

i found this and some of your other videos to be a little ramble-y. shorten
them to the 4-5 minute range and get to the point a little faster. great
videos though, you are very well prepared and you can see you put a lot of
thought and effort into making them.

it’s not latin? 🙂 OK. CaRAtid definitelly is not, you are right.

Great vids mate. Sub’d and all. One thing im curious about, is that ur
wedding ring on ur right hand?

Can I wear a tie and a scarf?

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