Tips on Body Language for Approaching Women

Dating coach Savoy of Love Systems shares tips on body language when you approach a women. Ifyou want to find out more on picking up women, dating, and seduction please visit Tags: love systems lovesystems daygame day game dating pua the pickup artist live hidden camera video how to howto first date seduction dating social dynamics bootcamp demo sarging k-close fclose full close seduce style neil strauss flirting pickup lines number kiss close kino escalation howto how to body language attraction comfort qualification openers opening transition attract women approach anxiety braddock savoy dahunter kisser 5.0 cajun tenmagnet the don big business fader hiroller knoxville lbd moxie mr.m prestige rokker samurai sheriff soul sphinx londonsoul
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@Romu1us89 That’s a great tip. Thanks for sharing!

what i do is, if i cant hear her well or want to her to lean in. While she is taking, look puzled and then use your index finger to indicate to her to move closer. Works most of the the time if youve been chatting already for a minute or two. That way you dont have to lean in.

@1Nyro by “do” do you mean consistently? or did this happen on one occasion?

Bizarre tags for this video. They include:

prestige rokker samurai sheriff soul sphinx

What the hell does that have to do with getting laid??!

So, where’s the EVIDENCE that this guy is in fact, Mr. Seduction? I’ll need proof. Lots of it.

I can’t stop leaning in. damn!

Just learn the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE. This is the best! and its how Neil Strauss became better looking and more confident/ and relaxed.

what if you ACTUALLY can’t hear her and you kind of need to know what she says to continue or keep it fun, i’ll peck if she does. no biggie there.

Everyone has to start somewhere you know…

Cheers. One day I might actually do it.

lol fuckn hilarious.. from top to bottom

exactly. I wish I was taught this stuff when i was a teenager. Dating life and other areas would be a lot better for me now, if I wasn’t just starting on all this for the first time.

Either I peck her now or I’ll peck her later. Whats the difference.

hahahahahahahaahahahah….ur funny

i have a question for the eye contact part. Has anyone ever heard of the dominant look? because i use that as a PUA and it works wonders!

pecking in, horrible eye contact, giggling like an idiot. These were all things I have had to work to overcome. I was never taught proper social interaction as a kid.

Right on… it’s a natural tendency to peck, especially in a bar or club in night game where its hard to hear….which is why i always motion for the girl to come to me and speak into my ear – – and that’s some great forced kino at that because at that point when i talk back i’m against the neck.

have a look at my video its very interesting and helps! its about the link between social anxiety and body language

I think you’re going a step too far there. You want to be indirect and under the radar, so what I do is I massage my crotch in a playful, yet nonchalant manner, so as to not give anything away (maybe even pretend that I’m just looking at some dude behind her). After that, I throw in the odd moan as she’s talking, but deny that I’m turned on in any way. The most I’ll do to open up a conversation (if her body-language is right) is open up her mouth and shoot in it, but do a false-takeaway as well.

Not leaning in is one of the fundamentals of body language dude. It conveys neediness, too eager to talk and thus lower value. She should be leaning in or at least interested in what you have to say. She needs to live up to your standards at some point, not you scrambling to talk to her and keep the interaction going, leaning in etc.

If you place your dick between her ass cheeks in kind of a flirty way when you first meet, will she find that too forward??

Huh, never thought about it that way. Don’t lean in; make her come to you.

i want and need them!! womans!!

I agree. Very well put.

Most of communication is non-verbal, so good body language is important. Next video should be showcasing what good body language is!

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