To Flip or To Flop? Should a Man wear flip-flops? (S2: Lesson 13 4.18.12)

Dexter Johnson speaks on the touchy subject of whether a man could/should wear traditional flip flops. The question can honestly go either way. However, if y…
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The way he handles this watermelon, would you trust this guy with your baby?! See if he can wrap this “baby” in a sling in 60 seconds or less, and win a drin…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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Haha, as long as the chefs don’t have their toes out I am fine.

Since when did wearing flip flops become unmanly? Men can wear flip flops
wherever they want except for the workplace, and as long as they take care
of their feet first. I wear flip flops both in and outside of the house,
and it doesn’t make me any less of a man.

There are plenty of men out there that say the complete opposite. You can
either choose to wear them or not.

@joseph150ish Thanks for the view buddy!

I’m an AA man, and I got that message when I turned 14. I started wearing
sandals again when I turned 25 & have done it to this day-340 days of the
year. I think the stigma in the AA male comm came from Hollywood
stereotypes. Remember Tarzan, King Kong, 20K Leagues w/James Mason? They
all showed AA men as barefoot savages. So, we said we can’t expose our
toes. When everyone else does, that’s just being comfortable- back to
nature. When we do, we’re seen as savages. That’s my observation, anyway.

You can have your opinion sir. At the same time, I will have my opinion
while wearing my flip flops!

Hahaaa I like this video. Hydrate your feet.

Which I will never understand. Some are just afraid of what everyone else
will think to be completely honest. I say step outside the Jordan and
Converse box.

Great video. I agree 100% What about the following: 1) can you distinguish
between when to wear sandals v. flip flops. I think sandals are more of a
fashion statement. Flip flops are totally casual or for water prone
environments (beach, shower, gym shower).

there it is…and I wear mine proudly. Thanks Dex.

The only time men should wear flip flops is at the beach, pool, or shower..
It has nothing to do with the cleanliness of a man’s feet.. You’re
completely wrong, sir..

@joseph150ish Thanks for your opinion.

Now, that you are correct about.. I would just ask that you “choose” to not
expose your feet in a restaurant, which is what really bothers me..

Right. And not only that, but there’s a cultural stigma against black men
wearing them as well.

I agree completely. Take the socks off when putting on those Adidas slides.
Try on Tevas, Chacos, Birkenstocks and Rainbows. It’s so liberating!

I can certainly look into doing that! I would always advise people to wear
sandals or flip flops in more laid back settings never in a work or serious

That is exactly how I see it. I have one nice pair that I can never wait to
bring out during the summer. It is all personal preference.


I’m glad you’re fine… Now, it’s time to consider others.. Now, I know
that’s a foreign concept in this narcissistic world we live in, but it is

And i got plenty to wear. Never understood the big deal…

Yes sir! In fact, it’ll soon be time to dust off the flip flops again!

loved when she said do you see any cribs around here


Kyle was a good sport. I would think the watermelon is harder than a baby
considering it is slippery and has no legs to hold on to.

I would never be able to wrap my moby while holding my baby its just not
safe no one should attempt it also Lauren has her wrap on all wrong so she
wouldnt win anyway if that was a full size baby she would be hurting since
her back straps are all twisted up and her baby is facing forward which is
not recommended and the “seatbelt” portion of the wrap is not spread out…
if she is challenging people she should learn how to do it herself 🙂

I love when Kyle says: “did I win?”

This is pretty silly. Most moms couldn’t even do this the first time they
ever saw a wrap. My husband can wrap just as quickly and safely as I can.
And, might I mention, I do not put my baby on me before tying the wrap. I
wrap it, tie it, and then put baby in.

why give him a melon and not a doll?

Next time you should “really” use a random guy for the challenge. Not one
that practiced being bad at it! I do have to admit though, it was funny.
But very staged. >^..^<

You bet! New episodes every Wednesday!

ty god that wasnt a baby

I don’t know, I just really think these are too funny regardless of whether
she uses the wrap correctly herself or whether she has him use a melon or a
doll. Not sure if I could do this task with a melon either though. I
haven’t tried. I’ve always used a real baby. Hmmmm.

can you have a guy do what a housewife does all day cook, clean, run around
doing chores I’m sick of alot of men thinking housewives have it easy

Hahaha! That was a cute segment, he’s such a good sport 🙂

Isn’t it fun?! We’ve got more coming up! Like: “5 Men and a Breast Pump!’

He killed his own baby ;D


Ridiculous – but funny! Likeable, fun host. I like when she tells him, “No
thanks – I’m all good.” Are there more episodes coming?

Love this segment


OMG, this was so funny, Kyle is so cool haha, but needs some practice!:)

Haha this is great! Poor watermelon baby!

probably because the doll weighed much less than an actual baby, and the
melon seemed the closest match in terms of weight. but the video looked
staged, in my opinion

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