Tom James Secret to the Sophisticated Sleeve / Coat Sleeve Length

Take a look at your coat sleeves. Do you see your shirt cuff peaking out? Tim Cornell tells us the Secret to the Sophisticated Sleeve – the Anatomical Snuff …
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love it!

Hi Tim, great tip here! Could I check with you, which part of the
anatomical snuffbox should I place the index finger? Should it be placed at
the deepest point of the V shape? Also, may I ask if the sleeve should be
at the index finger, above the finger or below the finger?

Great tip, Timmy!

Hhmm. I still like it a little higher. Rather than the bottom of the
marking finger I’d use the top.

Great, I have heard it explained in a lot of differ ways and this is the
best and easiest to understand. 🙂

Hello Tom, what length is used on the suit that you have on on this video,
I like this look you have because it allows your cufflinks to show, I told
my tailor 1 inch on the suits I’m getting tailored right now, thinking
about changing out to an inch and a half, please let me know thanks!

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