Top 5 Reasons You Should Ride Instead of Drive

by mahfrot

Top 5 Reasons You Should Ride Instead of Drive

Choosing to ride a motorcycle over driving a car is one way to making a relevant statement. To those who are more driven by looks, anyone can look great on a motorcycle, with the right jacket and helmet. To those who are driven more on the economical side of it, a motorbike is chosen for it is less expensive to maintain. In so many ways, it spices up your daily commutes with a sense of adventure and a whole lot more.

Less gas. When it comes to today’s modes of transportation, fuel efficiency is the name of the game. A hybrid can clock a maximum of 63 miles per gallon of fuel. However, on the average, a motorcycle can give you of a 50-mile ride to a maximum of 80-mile per gallon of fuel. This explains the increasing demand for fuel-efficient motorbikes. Surely, there are also motorcycle models that are much less fuel efficient, but they aren’t selling well. Fuel-efficient motorbikes generally require minimal maintenance. Each component is bound to last longer since the engine produces less of the noxious gases, which are actually by-products of inefficient combustion.

Affordable. A motorbike is more affordable in overall terms of value. Compared to cars, motorbikes operate way cleaner than any other hybrid car engines, which results to minimal maintenance requirements. This means that each motorcycle part enjoys longer service life and less frequent replacement than car parts. In keeping all variables constant, motorcycle insurance is also much cheaper than car insurance. One great thing about riding is that it that they are lighter than cars, which means that they have no humungous loads to carry forward on its two wheels. So for those who are BIG about speeding, a motorcycle can give you a riding experience like no other. Also, motorcycles offer more affordable options for a family vehicle; that is if you have a small family.

Thrill. Nothing compares to the excitement of riding a motorbike. The incredible thrill of riding through the open air makes the travel worthwhile. It makes you feel like flying. Compared to driving cars, it riding gives keeps you more in control with your stance in the road. Adrenalin junkie or not, such an experience is worth taking. To many riders, it is agreed that riding a motorcycle makes you experience a ride like no other and feel alive unlike ever before.

Attraction. Admit it. A man needs to feel dominant at times. Whenever he rides a motorcycle, that’s when he feels most masculine. Regardless of how you look, the rugged appeal of a man in riding jacket and helmet cannot be denied. Anyone who suits up in a tasteful riding gear looks and feels ten times more handsome than he actually is. Perhaps it has something to do with the confidence that riding gives. Perhaps it has to do with the masculine impression that motorbike riders have displayed for years. Watch how the ladies swoon as you pick up your girl right from work? Compare that to the bland and empty glances that people give to men driving cars.

Effective traffic-beater. Time never stops even when you unfortunately get stuck in the traffic on your way to a big office meeting. Riding is sure a practical solution to getting to places on time. Given that they occupy less of the space occupied by cars, it easily fits and sneaks through narrow streets and shortcuts. This seems to prove that riding is the most practical way to go to and from work daily.

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