trocando o reparo do feixe de mola da blazer

problemas de rangido na suspençao traseiro? pode ser as pastilhas do feixe gastas.
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colega cade outro video e tem como explicar melhor como desmonta passo a

yo trev do you already have a garage editor tool for 1.10?? im still
searching for one

Anyone on ( XBL ) I know how to put a tracker on Trevor’s Blazer.. but cant
find a way to fully insure it.. The LSC insurance glitch does not work…
if you can tell me I will happily mod it into GTA Online.. GT: Sick Yeti

i want teh blazer gt: vMz style imi pleaseeeee thanks :)

The Trevor blazers I have:
Black with blue pearlescent, BP tires, blue tire smoke
Lime green, BP tires, green tire smoke
Chrome, BP tires, pink/purple(rare)
Yellow/Gold, BP tires (rare)
Florescent Blue, BP tires
Psn : Bigt0515
The cars I want: zombie trev blazer,ssalmon pink trev blazer, or any other
rare trev blazers

cargo bob dupe glitch still works

I have trevors blazer in my garage,it’s the regular one but I’m looking
ffora zombie green one ,msg me in the comment section, if you have a unique
trevors blazer

psn: khalloudeh
Pls dup for me 

I want the blazer

I have:
trevors blazer [blue metalic + blue tire smoke and BP]
chrome BMX [BP + purple tire smoke]
gold BMX [BP + red tire smoke]
gold lifeguard blazer [BP and pink wheels]
trevors truck with teddy bear [fully modded]
zombie mariachi
chrome paradise van [fully modded]
rare dune buggy [fully modded]
chrome hearse [fully modded]
sticky bomb asea….
chrome lifeguard blazer [fully modded]
batman nagasaki blazer [BP + yellow tire smoke]
devil nagasaki blazer
superman nagasaki blazer
black and yellow nagasaki blazer
scooby nagasaki blazer [awsome one]
purple and chrome nagasaki blazer
gold and chrome nagasaki blazer [BP + blue tire smoke]

psn: stianrustad97

I use two characters for getting so many vehicle.
no freebies!!

I have 13 different colors only one I’m looking for now is color in this
video. If you have that blue, comment with your PSN below and ill give any
color I have for that one.

I have black parelcent and want to trade for other colors
I also have some other rare cars i can trade
Gt-Coke machines no free give aways

Willing to duplicate Trevers Blazer for any other rare car add GT:

If you have not found how to duplicate cars to any other players, add me on
PSN: aadelapaz123

I have 3 rare modded cars, the blazer, modded dun-buggy, and mercenary jeep
w/o bars on the outside. 

I’m duping trevs blazer right now
I am gonna do trades if u have a car i like but message me gt:Xxrage36xX

could you give us a link to drive that in LS customs?

nice vid

Xbox GT: Virruz x SkullZ

Someone duplicate me this on ps3 my psn: Ryanishot123 I have rare cars to
add me

+TrevsTutorials can you duplicate for me please =) my gamertag is
llxReVenGexll =)

I know how 2 dupe it for other people I have it and some of my friends have
it 2

I’ve got trevor’s blazer in galaxy blue. i’m looking to get a chrome
trevor’s quad bike and kifflom trevor’s quad bike. my psn: kRUEL_NiGhtMARE.

Can I have it xbox gt : Zfuze Hazard

comment your psn below for trade!! and trade only!!
i have
blazer lifegaurd chrome lime green tires and smoke
trevers truck with teddy bear
chrome merriachi car
sultan rs lime green
chrome sanchez
all i want is trevs blazer idc what color

Pls pls pls dupe me a lime green one I will help u dupe it for other people
gt Panda Gamezz

Add Me Ps3 I Have A Bunch Of Trevors Atvs Add Me on Psn and We Can Make A
Trade Only For Other Color Trevors Atvs No Freebies I Did That All

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