Two of a kind

Two of a kind
This 10-part series, an ABC and HBO Asia co-production, hit our small screens with a fanfare of publicity two weeks ago but has failed to seduce viewers in anticipated numbers. The first episode attracted 818,862 plus 32,000 on iView, or 14 per cent …
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“She-male” Drama: Hanan Turk's cross-dressing ex-hubby arrested
Police arrested Khattab after catching him dressed in women's clothes, wearing makeup and a wig, while trying to seduce passersby in the streets of Cairo. According to, Hanan's kids are too afraid to go to school in fear of other kids …
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Biting into fear
To ensure a supply of the secret 'ingredient' for the dish, the girls set out to seduce other men into their home for the slaughter. The girls excel in their 'art' so … Instead, I focus more on the psychological aspect of abused women … I am …
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