Understanding Body Language – Important Assets You Need to Know Before Meeting Your Dream Date

by James.McDowell

Understanding Body Language – Important Assets You Need to Know Before Meeting Your Dream Date

When it come to understanding body language you should realize that obeying rules does not go head to head with the all purpose of body language.

It is said that you should occupy as much space as you can possibly can, meaning that one should take advantage of his body language and show off himself to every girl that he can get.

Imagine yourself in a teenage group and you look at one 17 years old teenager of about 1.85m and 65kg, and another one, 2 years older, but he only has 1.65m and 55kg. This last one is trying to “occupy a lot of space” (basically he is showing off at every girl in that group). What reaction can you have at such an image, but to laugh?

Understanding body language means also to “occupy as much space” as you need, and not as much as you should (which usually is less than you need anyway) and also not more than you actually feel that you want, because this can be seen by others. And when it come to girls and showing you off, is best that you do not take these things lightly. And you can tell very easily if you started to show off because you do not feel comfortable at some point.

The bottom line is you have to search your “hard” points when it comes to understanding body language the right way and there you should work your best, do not try what does not suits you. It is exactly like when a guy of 2.10m is dressed with a costume with vertical stripes.

Understanding body language means to learn how to master the “weapons” you already have. When you are at a date with the girl you were always dreaming to meet and you are good in break-dance or salsa, do that. It is most likely to get her attention when you are yourself and you are showing your natural talents. Do not try to fly with no wings.

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