Understanding Female Body Language: Top Signs She Likes You And How To Create Attraction

by James.McDowell

Understanding Female Body Language: Top Signs She Likes You And How To Create Attraction


The whole idea behind flirting is that it’s TOTALLY ILLOGICAL.

Slade Shaw, author of Fireworks with Females, has a great way of putting it. He suggests that you look at flirting as the best way for adults to relate to one another.

You know how little kids relate to each other through play? Well, flirting is how adults play with, and relate to, one another.

Flirting with people is how men and women figure out how compatible they’re likely to be, and figure out how playful and creative the other person is (which gives them an idea of what that person would be like both as a partner and a MAN).

Good flirts understand that flirting is about being PLAYFUL, not LOGICAL.

When you’re flirting with someone, you’re most likely not talking about heavy or deeply meaningful subjects. Instead, you’re showing that you’re a funny, creative, and confident person by being silly, outrageous, and illogical.

It might sound weird when you think that talking about nonsense is the best way of creating attraction. But all you have to do is look at how “nice guys” struggle to become anything more than friends with women, to know that I’m telling the truth.

So many guys try to create attraction by logically, reasonably demonstrating to women that they’re a nice, caring guy who has things in common with them.

Did this work? Well, just ask the millions of men struggling with being “just friends” if THEY have got it all sorted. 

FACT: you CANNOT create a connection with someone by REASONING with them. Ever tried to create a connection with somebody by explaining to them why it’s a good idea?

Maybe you could try telling them how unreasonable they would be not to be attracted to you, or list all the reasons that you’d make a great partner or lover.

Go ahead and try it.

I bet you don’t need me to tell you what’s going to happen, do you?

OBVIOUSLY it’s not going to work. It’s hardly rocket science.

Creating attraction and chemistry is all about being PLAYFUL. When you’re being playful, you never come right out and say what you mean … you HINT at it.

That’s what flirting’s all about.

For example, telling a woman you think she’d make a really great FRIEND – but saying it with a cheeky, suggestive smile – is much more effective than coming right out and telling her how much you like her.

Keep referring to what a great friend she is, how much you value your friendship, and how great it is to finally find a good female friend throughout the rest of the evening.

She’ll know you’re flirting with her – but because she can’t be SURE, and because she has to keep guessing at what you actually mean, she’ll get really drawn into it and have a great time wondering if you actually DO like her or not.

This gives her the scope required to form her own, powerful attraction to YOU.

Plus, you’ll come across as creative, confident, playful, and sexy.

THAT is how you create chemistry.

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