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Its not of anyone’s business if someone wants to date outside of there race, and even with the same sex or whatever. Everyone has the right of there choice and to be happy, we should just look at each as a human being

@sebbbo77 “Black man fucks white girl = REJECTED?” Are you serious? What in the world makes you think that God actually told you that? What’s wrong with a black man making love to a white woman? Are you just someone out there just spewing more hatred? What’s the big deal anyway?

I want to date every race of the planet. I don’t care if they christian, muslim, jew, or buddhist. Just to see how different they really are.

@sebbbo77 not so sure about that white man + arab girl statement…

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I asked God to answer who could fuck who and this is what he said.

White man fucks white girl = ACCEPTED
Black man fucks white girl = REJECTED
White man fucks asian girl = ACCEPTED
Black man fucks asian girl = ACCEPTED
White man fucks black girl = REJECTED
Black man fucks black girl = ACCEPTED
White man fucks arab girl = ACCEPTED
Black man fucks arab girl = ACCEPTED

green tea icecream

Asian women are terrible at restraining themselves and keeping dignity. Apparently white racism and the pointless vietnam war doesn’t ring a bell to them. You can always adopt modernization, but not necessarily have to assimilate by automatically dating a white guy. It gives whtite nationalists more cannon fodder to degrade asians by degrading their manhood.

Also I say asian women aren’t made to follow religion, because obviously God wanted diversity and splitted the races.

Hey hey Vanae! You have a really nice singing voice! Are you Chinese (Cantonese)? I think I heard a little accent when you sang “ say goodmorning.”

@fimmyk not if you in Japan, I’m asian and I had a hard time competing agianst my black brothers when I was in Japan.

fuck u asian girl u do all this to make new record in how much ppl see you in youtube

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@Heathen531 Go read about neo-colonialism, international banking institution practices, CIA operations, world poverty, institutional racism, and the socio political histories of nations before you go spewing shit.

@Heathen531 Ur dumb. Barbados & The Bahamas are 2 high income Caribbean nations. Why not point to there?
1)Haiti owed a tremendous debt to France after being free(French made them pay as to not get enslaved again). It took them until like the 1930s to pay it off.
2)The CIA has done SEVEN regime changes in that Island alone. Along w/ supporting these corrupt politicians.
3)Look up what the IMF & World Bank do to nations. This vid is a gud place 2 start
World Bank creating poverty (BBC Newsnight)

@fimmyk ammm lots of asians prefer black my sister is asian and he’s married to a black

Once you go asian, you’ll be able to solve math equations.



No it isn’t advancement, it’s ignoring the racism that goes on in the world by melding each other. All interracial trends are self-interested motivated. An example would be the famous AF/Wm & WF/BM combo. Both males of that combo have committed violent and verbal crimes way more than the males of the females they’re going out with. I can understand the WF/BM because of slavery, but it is twisted to accept the AF/WM, especially knowing how whites initiates most of the race wars.

I think the meaning of life, my life at least, is to leave behind a legacy that changes something about the world for the better, advancing the human race into a Type I civilization. Dr. Michio Kaku knows what I’m talking about.

If that is the case, which is easier for black men to get a asian women, then an asian men getting a black women(and it is not just cultural issues, I’ve experienced some black women who were rude to me or just preferred their own kind), then asian women are probably superficial.

This is good cause it’s making me not bother about anyone or anything. To hell with all of you. ( Hell dos’ent exist really )

@fimmyk Not where I live. You must not be in Cali.


this is not true.. i have seen that over and over again black men and asian girls

@DrachmasErus personally i never tried to approach an asian girl but just seeing around me, i can come to that conclusion that it’s almost impossible.nd just because i typed like that doesnt mean i speak that way thats just how i type from my phone im sure your familiar with the “sms language” lol and if you mean intelligent like doing great at school then im doing just that.
so i should be able to get an asian girl then? LOL JK

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