Washed my blazer…?

Question by Mazi: Washed my blazer…?
I washed my blazer and i followed all the instructions.
it is a bit stiff now,one of my friends says that it is like jeans and it will get loose after a while the other friend said i should put it in dryer for 30 min and wear it right after taking it out of the dryer.
are they right???what do u suggest???

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Answer by Nanna Green
i would suggest you iron it that will take the stiffness out

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I would do that.
And add some fabric softener sheets!

Blazers are supposed to be a little stiff…
Is it a dry-clean only item? Most blazers are. If not, then try washing it again with some fabric softener, and dry it with a dryer sheet. It should help. You don’t want to put it in the dryer for too long when it’s already dry as it could just damage the fabric.

Just a few minutes in the dryer on low, maybe 10 minutes (not 30) should do the trick! Ironing it will warm it up a bit, too, but won’t make it any looser!

Good luck!

take it to your drycleaners and ask them to steam it for you. Steaming removes odors, softens some fabrics and smooths wrinkles.

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