Ways For You to Attract Beautiful Women

by Ed Yourdon

Ways For You to Attract Beautiful Women

Most men would love to have the ability to attract beautiful women. Why else would magazines with beautiful women on the cover sell so well to men? Yet, this does not seem to be a real possibility for the average guy. The average guy seems to believe that he has to deal with average women as his only possible options. Then there are the guys that do get it. These are the ones that despite not having a lot of money or the best looks, are able to gain the attention and the attraction of sexy women almost wherever they go.

What are some ways that YOU can make this YOUR reality?

1. Don’t limit your options. Just because you don’t think that you earn enough money or that you do not have the luxury car in the parking lot, don’t let that keep YOU from approaching an attractive woman when you see her. You might be surprised at the reaction that you get when you are able to approach a woman and confidently start a conversation with her.

2. Practice, practice. The more times that you get comfortable approaching women, the better your results will be. The shy guy that sits in the corner and does nothing at all but have a look, is NOT the one that gets to date beautiful women. You have to be able to take charge and not mind if you fail once in a while.

3. Work on building rapport. When you can gain enough rapport with a woman right off the bat, you won’t have to worry about all the little details. You will be able to spark attraction with a woman and keep her attention on YOU.

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