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Your own digital, photography based, home business could start here. . .

*  PET BOWLS.  You could stick the photo onto the bowl on the outside with a transfer, or you can get bowls that come apart for the insertion of a photograph. Pet accessories are a huge market along with toys ,food and training. Millions is being spent daily. You only need a very small share of that market to make a good living, or even a life changing income. Apart from personalised bowls, how about general cute photos, or promotions for individual pet shop owners, pet toy and food manufacturers. The company who make these bowls did not go into it lightly, they made sure there was a market. Use their research to grab yourself a slice. Don’t go to the market with a sieve,go with a personalised pet bowl!

*  WINDOW ADVERTISING.  How many windows can you see if you, ahem, look out of your window? Quite a few I bet, not only in buildings, but vehicles too. How many are in commercial buildings or vehicles?  Still quite a few isn’t it?  Well with reverse cling film you can put photographs and sales messages on these windows. Window replacement companies, estate agents, politicians (they might be reluctant in case you see through them!), Try Yellow Pages, how many companies in there would look into this kind of advertising?  Must stop here I am becoming a pane, no that was’nt me I was framed.

*  BANNERS.  Personalised banners with photographs on are much better than just the words ‘happy birthday’. How about street parties. local events, tractor pulls, conker contests, garden fetes, Search out event diaries in your local press and contact them to see if they want a photographic banner with the organisers on, rather than that tired, tatty old one that can hardly be read anymore.

*  SECURITY HOLOGRAMS.  The security business is huge, holographs are easy to do now, put the two together and you are an innovative 21st century security company. Search security holograms on the internet and let that show you what others are doing and what they are charging. Then go to my blog and see companies that can help you.

*  CERTIFICATES.  Sports, academic, lots of certificates being printed out in schools, organisations, pre-schools, companies, training colleges every day. Get your certificate in front of the buyer with a school photo, appropriately engineered, or samples of what you can do.

*  FUZZY PRINTS.  This is a relatively new media to print on and will go into any standard inkjet printer. Obvious markets include animals (the ones with fur), landscapes with foliage, promotional postcards for material manufacturers. Maybe even a seaside postcard, I know water is’nt furry, but it moves. As I say, this is new and I haven’t tried out all the possibilities yet, but you can!

*  AUTO SHADES.  Functional auto sun shades. Advertising for car lots, holiday destinations, sun cream, sports like golf and tennis, humour, political statements ‘the sun always shines with our party’. Very good advertising media,  try local tradesmen who leave their vehicle all day.

*  PLAQUES/TROPHIES.  So many organisations and businesses that present plaques and trophies to their outstanding members or people. Have a look at whats on offer, where can it be improved? Fuzzy plaque for this years top suede shoe seller!

*  BINDERS.  Lots of these being carried around by students and business people. Colleges and companies may benefit with their own binders. Personalised binders, sports or music themed, promotional items for sports or music companies.

*  MEMO BOARDS.  Go into any business presentation and you will most likely see bland memo boards. Offer something new with the company photograph and mission emblazoned on it. Don’t forget memo boards for home.

This is just to get your creative juices going and your brain storming with ideas! The internet has opened up a never ending need for images, of anything and everything. Stock photography has changed, gone are the highly professional, large format shots of models and beaches, that had to be technically perfect, well they are not gone, but they are not the only opportunities for aspiring photographers who want to make a living with their hobby, their passion. Images that you would’nt believe started life as a photograph end up everywhere these days and the ability to transform these images is available to everyone, and in the comfort of their own home.

Don’t forget a lot of well known high street businesses started life on a kitchen table, why not yours?

Ged has over 30 years experience in Photography, with a special interest in Photography based Business Opportunities. He is a published Expert Author and has written about many of his experiences, Photographic Tips and Lessons for the newcomers. Covering all aspects and adding new information all the time


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