Webinar: Google Trifecta for your Website

Recording of the Google Trifecta webinar held on July 8, 2008. Speakers provide introductions to Google Webmaster Tools, Google Analytics, and Google Website Optimizer and answer common questions. Individually, each tool offers valuable and actionable information about specific aspects of your site; combined, you get a comprehensive understanding of both your visitors and your pages.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

the incredible ‘ohne dich’ video!!!
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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This is great. These three tools together are great for any website owner.

long fucKing video :/


thank you so much for this priceless tools and information that you provide to us. I really appreciate the effort that you’re doing to improve our experience in internet marketing.

i’m a google adworder and I like my experience with you so much

Very informative, thank you guys!

cant wait for the new episodes to start – the old ones are at flash forward stream -dot ^info

is it me or is the quality very low!

Sehr interessante und brauchbare Informationen, die ich nun umsetzen zu versuchen werde.


typical know it all

1 hour. . . i couldn’t even stand the first minute. . .

That is what I meant. Sigh.

It’s under science and technology

omfg .. how long this video is ?

he is saying only couple min

Very informative and nice to have this accessible here. Keep up the good work.

Thanks for posting this – lot of ppl I talked to about this couldn’t get in because of Real Player.. I mean real sucks – go with something more modern next time 🙂

very informative

Very interesting, thank you. Now I need a google video showing me how I can increase the number of hours in a day so I can find the time to do all this …

Google has some videos over 2 hours long.


yeah, unfortunately youre watching these for entertainment, which is not their purpose, and you also don’t know fuck about what he’s saying, so go jack off to your mum’s poster for a few hours more.

it’s catered for intellectual people, JaneyC

Is it classified under “general entertainment”?! Ugh

The videos Google post are not for general entertainment purposes. They are more for professionals, students, or people interested in the behind the scenes workings of Google. The AtGoogleSpeaks channel has more entertaining content but commenting is not allowed. I don’t think its really called for on this channel either. But I guess it would come in handy if anyone had legitimate questions.

this song is epic too when u arent high 🙂

holy shit this song is so epic when your high

i fucking love this song…i use him in my Bar-cloub is so fucking good song !!!! i love that song !!!

Ez egy remek videó! mivel nem tudok sokat németül ezért csak ennyit: schön video

Ez egy remek videó! mivel nem tudok sokat németül ezért csak ennyit schön video

Amazing. I love to listen to this and watch the snow fall…haunting.

Amazing. I love to listen to this and watch the snow fall…haunting.

perfekten Sound … Als jemand, der nicht mochte

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@cutepoison1994 is that the lyrics? if so..thank u sooooo much! i’m desperately looking for translations to Rammstein lyrics..have anymore? Please?

That was one heck of a fall to survive! Rammstein 4 lif3!

i live in colorado in U.S.A. we have some pretty crazy blizzards. 7 foot drifts and stuff

@rthomas203 I think we have a different understanding of what constitutes a snow STORM, jackass.
But dont worry, you still rock 🙂

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