What are funny things your dog does that just make you laugh?

by chotda

Question by Summer099: What are funny things your dog does that just make you laugh?
I have an older German Shepherd/Border Collie and he decides to run in full speed in crazy 8’s literally in that pattern in the living room for 20 minutes. Every day when I come home from work. No matter how often or how long I take him for walks he still does that. It still makes me laugh every time.

My new recent adopted puppy, makes this sound when playing that sounds like a gremlin. I can’t help, but laugh as it sounds disturbing and odd.

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Answer by emily g
I have a chihuahua and she is so cute when i do something weird then she does her confused face. That is so funny and of course cute. I love dogs they can make you feel so happy about life

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ha i’ve a brussels griffon puppy .. 10 months. he does the same thing in the living room. when he wants to play he’d bite my pants and get my attention., and just goes on at it.. full speed .. atleast 12 rounds. in the living room and kitchen..

My Shih Tzu also does that running-a-muck thing, too, and all we can do is stand in place for fear of being run over. It’s really funny to see a little fur ball zooming around the house and she looks so intent! She also does this “cat” stretch when she wakes up in the morning or from a nap and she actually looks like a cat! Then when we start laughing at her, she tilts her head sideways like she’s saying “what are YOU laughing at?” She looks like an Ewok!

My dog knows a trick where I ask him where his balls are. He looks between his hind legs, then gets up and goes looking around the house. (He’s neutered.) Funny enough is that he knows the word ball, and associates that with his tennis ball…but when he hears the “s” on the end, he’ll look between the legs.

My dal’s tail. He’s the tail waggingest dog we’ve ever had. Even wags in his sleep.

We have hot water heat and radiators in our house (which was known to be haunted at one time). One time, our exchange student complained that he heard weird banging noises at night — and was worried about the ghost. Turns out, it was Raider’s tail hitting the radiator. Of course, the sound carried throughout the house.

When my pug x beagle is drinking she puts her paws in the water and “digs” the water.

My 2 year old standart poodle, Ellie, cannot see me sad. She’s the little clown of the house: the thing I love most is when she lies about, her legs opened like a little whore… lol. She loves to eat my ears – and makes wierd noises – and burps… That always cracks me up.
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3931983815/in/photostream/

Now I’ve recently adopted a 1 year old mutt, Lucky. I mean, what’s not funny about this dog? He’s hype, he climbs things, he eats paper! Plus, he’s learning to be the little goofy that everyone laughs at with his older sis, Ellie. I love when he sits straight up with his ears – that are like 13 of his body – up and twiches them like radio anthems! lol
http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/3932149476/in/photostream/

My dog makes me laugh when it poops on the neighbours front lawn straight after they mow the grass.

Like he is waiting and watching for them to finish…

He can jump the side gate but they don’t know it yet and it is sooooo funny haha.

I love my dogs! I currencly have two of my own: two lovely, amazing mutts, the best dogs EVER!!! (to me!)

One of them, Snow, a white 3yr old female – http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/page2/
She’s really clownish, fussy, funny and unique. She acts like a little diva, not taking any orders, cat-walking through the living room… She is really gross, though. She farts, which really annoys my little brothers, and silently goes away like she knows nothing about it, discreetly. She cannot see coke in front of her: cans, bottles or cups, she’ll thorn it down and lick the floor. She drools so freaking much that you need to have a towel around to wash her face, and she can actually burp to my face. Snow is so funny. She even fights with my cat, and comes back for more! Oh, and she’s a humper. That always provides me hours of entertainment, specially when she jumped to our eldery neighbour and started humping her like mad… Cracked me up.

My newest dog is a one year and 2 months old black crossbreed and still doesn’t have a name – http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/ (first pics) – I’ve posted a question on this on Y!A! – http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AnM88ZGC9tb7YwSyZ8rcRhjsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090920103514AAwQF0f
I’ve been with him for a few days, but he has already prooved he’s an excelent comedian! He has heaps of personality, as you can easily tell. He steals toys from my little brother. He goes up to his bedroom, picks up a toy and hides it under his bed! Too, he gets this hyper attacks were he’ll begin running around the house at top speed, jumping to the beds and bumping into mirrors… He also tries to drown me on the swimming pool – when I come to the surface near the borders, where he is standing, he gives balance and jumps to my head, and I have to hold myself with a dog on my head…

Nothing like dogs to cheer us up on the low moments of life!
Good night, my last answer!

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