What Clothes Should a Guy Have? : Men’s Fashion & Modern Style

What Clothes Should a Guy Have? : Men's Fashion & Modern Style

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As a girl, I would never look at a guy if he had on those red jeans with
the white t-shirt with a jean jacket over it and black boots. Not exactly
my cup of tea.


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Basically…….basically……….you should own basically a blah blah

Gayy Swag better

lets all just accept the fact that he said “clutch”

When he speaks of “guys”… what age are we talking about? Also, this
man’s look is kinda “artsy” no? I mean he looks good, but his jacket looks
too small. 

+ Ninja costume
+ Boiler suit, for those messy jobs


I’m still trying to figure out the GTH thing :-s

Tassle Loafers just subbed thanks

Wingtip boots?, I think not. 

red jeans ?? yuck .. gay style

Tbh; girls do kinda dig a “gay” fashion style 

Does this guy have his own youtube channel ? If so comment it. Thanks.

ha, i dont even know what a blazer is :(

best male fashion advice yet… great stuff, thanks :)

Some great tips here. We have up-to-date men’s fashion tips
@WellHungFashion so pop by.

Best eHow ever..

Wait.. wait.. tie clip? Who the fuck wants to wear a tie clip, that is a
one way ticket to look like you was born in the 40s!
Second, I would never take a word from a stylist that does not even know
how the black tie / tuxedo dress code is… That tuxedo look awful!

anyone know what the song is??


what about a good underwear?

Not sold on the denim jacket, the Top Gun white t-shirt or GTH pants. 

denim jacket, white t-shirt…That’s the Bruce Springsteen’s fashion style?

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