What Color and What Shirts With A Navy Blue Blazer?

Question by Rafe A: What Color and What Shirts With A Navy Blue Blazer?
Hey everyone! My friend gifted me a navy blue blazer a few days ago, and I had a few questions.

1. What color jeans/shirts/shoes would go with this blazer?

2. What kinds of shirts am I able to wear with it? Thanks!

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Answer by Lisa H
navy is a neutral, so it kind of goes with everything, except a few caveats. I don’t much care for navy blazers with black.

you could do nearly any color denim jeans. Though I would say any thing would go except maybe black or grey denim. shoes I think brown would be my first choice. And shirts you could do anything from an oxford strip shirt to plaid. whatever your fancy.

navy blazers are fairly timeless and go with everything.

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well with a navy blue blazer you can wear jeans just make sure they aren’t of a similar colour, you can wear blue jeans of course but maybe opt for a darker gray denim, but make sure your pants are fitted not baggy, because it will just ruin the look
you can wear brown shoes, or even white sneakers like lowtop jack purcells
shirts you can wear a white button up, or for like a casual look wear a graphic tee or something, um you can also try a plaid shirt if you’re into those and if they work on you….and since it’s a navy blue blazer you can wear a skinny tie, but not too skinny
hope i helped 🙂

Khaki pants with brown shoes and brown matching belt.
Light blue shirt should look good.

Depending on how long your neck is, you should think about a white undershirt.

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