What color skirt and shirt would go with a navy blue blazer?

Question by Lillian: What color skirt and shirt would go with a navy blue blazer?
I have to participate in a mock trial soon and I all I have to start with is a navy blue blazer with dark purple lining, what color shirt and pencil skirt would match this?

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Answer by Bari Chavies

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If you go with a navy skirt to match the blazer, try a colour shirt in the nudes range. You could go with cream, the palest of pinks, pale coral, watermelon, light tan, etc.
If you decide on a black skirt, the shirt should either be white, or a very bold colour, like fuchsia or a silky blue.

Well it wouldn’t be a good idea to go to crazy or conspicuous with the outfit. Keeping it simple and classy but still fashionable is key.
A white blouse would look good according to the colors. Not too flashy of a blouse though. The blazer itself should already be the focal touch, so a nice white tank top type blouse would be perfect. At the same time, however, try not to make it spaghetti strapped. Shirts that are too thin are often see-through too, so try to avoid super thin material.
A black skirt would go with this outfit well I suppose. It would be best to pair the outfit with a navy skirt, but be sure that not everything you wear is navy. Too much navy! If the purple lining on the blazer is really noticeable and dark, a skirt to match that color would be okay too. Just make sure it matches the navy too! And try not the wear too bright of a skirt. You don’t want to draw attention to the outfit so much that no one can focus on what you have to say. If the purple is really bright, don’t wear a purple skirt. It’s way too much. Personally, I would not wear a purple skirt. The best choice would probably be navy. Just don’t wear a navy skirt with a navy shirt. Like I said, it’s too much of the same color.
Shoes should match the outfit as a whole, so for example, if it only matches the skirt and not the blazer, not good!
Best wishes. These are just ideas..It’s totally up to you! Whatever you choose I’m sure it’ll look great.

black is pretty basic, white too, just say no to dark (or any, really) browns or greys or anything like that. white skirt would maybe be a tad too sailor-ish so i’d probably just pick a nice black skirt, black heels and a white/light colored shirt and try to bring some color to the outfit with accessories. maybe something with a little purple on them? or if the purple lining is not that visible then whatever.

yes, i realize i’m not much of a help, nobody should give other people advice when they’re this tired 🙂

a white shirt and the same color skirt of the blazer or a black skirt an black high heels

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