What Color Suit Should A Man Wear If He Has Gray – Light Colored – White – Hair | Men’s Style Advice

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@horanstreet You are welcome sir!

@MossVFX Start by using sportswear exclusively for sports en use
trashy/torn clothes for doing chores.Replace your daily tshirts with
polo’s, replace trainers with semi-formal shoes such as boatshoes or
monkstraps.Wear these with clean, not too wide, dark blue or black jeans or
kahki’s. When people have gotten used to this small step, start wearing
dress shirts. Changing seasons is a great excuse to start weaing a
sportscoat. Next step dress pants and suit jacket.

@SirBlade666 Good advice for taking it step by step. Thanks!

@DigitalReplacement I love the piano music – Little Drummer Boy!

@MossVFX Check out the next video! We did a segment on fashion for young
men for a younger gentleman in India.

This vid is flipped yo

Thanks. Good information. I never thought about this question.

Excellent – thank you for the color direction … much appreciated.

@MossVFX Glad you liked!

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