What is a good Christmas present for your boyfriend?

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Question by taharia4lyfe: What is a good Christmas present for your boyfriend?
We’ve been together for 4 years.
Any help?

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Answer by Jessica
Xbox and PS3 seems to be popular. Gift cards too.

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after 4 years i would hope to god that you know his likes and dislikes and what he needs

Practical is best.
New tires, brake job, intoxicants

softest manly blanket, awesome mix cd, lots of candy, and tickets to his favorite band at concert (doesnt matter if it isnt right away)

get something that would intrest him somthing he’d enjoy that would connect to his hobbies or somthing

we boys love pointless fun gadget type crap

ummmm……. wat he likes mabe a special pet?

a d*** in a box (if your gay)
dress likea sexy mrs.clause earlyChristmas Morning and wake him up fora surprise

A chain, bracelet… Any jewelry? (If he’s into wearing them…)

Or make him something special, think of his favorites!
Is he into going for concerts, shows, sporting events? Then get him a ticket or something.

Whatever it is, if it is coming from you, he’ll love it!

– Good luck! Hope that helps! 🙂

for his girlfriend to wear the star wars gold bikini

alot of times guys may like cologne or clothes and what not. what i think is cute and what i plan on getting for my bf is some of his favorite candy, some stickers for his new car, and his favorite movie. sometimes its easier to go shopping with him and see if he points out anything he likes without making it obvious that yur using him for ideas. lol.

you, in these and a bottle of something [I would prefer whiskey, Scotch please]


I’m a man, so I’ll tell you what we like…what we REALLY like.
For the sports fan, buy us a jersey of our favorite football team or basketball team, that”s a big time “MAN” present.

For the non-sports fan, but likes video games, buy a x-box 360 w/hard drive.

For the few left that aren’t either a “gamer” or a sports fan, buy some sexy lingerie for yourself and a bottle of champagne. Then, on Christmas Eve, take him to his favorite place to eat or cook his favorite meal, have him pop open the champagne, make him drink the entire bottle with you, and then grab him by the hand and do a strip tease for him and totally seduce him. He’ll never forget that entire moment. Trust me. Take Care!

I am having the same problem. I might end up just getting him clothes again. Its hard to keep coming up with different ideas each year when you have been together forever…

I have done an Xbox and his fav. cologne.
I have even done the cutesy ideas with having a basket and filling it with his favorite things (fav movie, fav candy, tickets to his fav. basketball team).

Truth is, I think they enjoy getting anything from their significant other.

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