What store should I purchase sport jackets from?

Question by Looking at an Infiniti: What store should I purchase sport jackets from?
I’m a big fan of Hugo Boss and Kenneth Cole. Hugo is usually way out of my price range (if anyone knows a good website where I can get hugo boss jackets, items, for a good price, would love to know about it). I would love to purchase 3-4 jackets at a cost of around $ 500 – $ 700. Most stores I go to, would only offer 1 jacket at that price.

Other brands I like include Calvin Klein, Versace (another $ $ $ ), and Armani (another $ $ $ ).

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Answer by Billz
online at calvin K’s

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try Juicy Couture (its mostly gurls stuff..)

if ur a guy go for Lacoste, H Boss, Calvin, Emporio Armani or Armani Exchange, (Gucci and Louis Vuitton might find a few)

I’d suggest looking for outlet stories if you’re looking to save money. Woodbury Commons is a popular chair of outlets stores. Go during the week and you’ll be find.


Also, Zappos which has amazing services is now selling jackets. Not sure if they will have all the designs you’re looking for, but they have free shipping and i’ve bought MANY pairs of shoes from them. I love zappos:

Finally, I would look for Hugo Boss and Kenneth Cole stories and ask when they have their sales and if they have a mailing list… they typicaly have 3-4 sales a year. With the economy down, buying after christmas is going to be AMAZING.

Brooks Brothers has some nice classic jackets you might want to consider. they are timeless.

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