what stores can i find men’s dress shoes?

Question by : what stores can i find men’s dress shoes?
I have a friend, and his birthday is coming up soon. I want to get him some dress shoes. If you know any stores where they have any..that are pretty cheap let me know. Thanks! 🙂

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Answer by shoredude2
Men’s Dress Shoes are expensive, especially compared to women’s. You usually can find them at shoe stores in the mall.

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Look at Joseph Bank and Allen Edmonds. They should be all-leather and stitched, not glued, together.

Keep in mind that while girls might sometimes buy uncomfortable shoes because they’re “cute,” men’s shoes should fit perfectly. He’ll want to try on several pairs before choosing one.

Yea, men shoes are expensive but a great place to go would be ALDO Shoes. They usually have the dress shoes on sale

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