What type of winter coat would suit..?

Question by Fueled by Ramen: What type of winter coat would suit..?
a person that’s only 5ft 1in tall & 110 lbs? I have sorta wide hips. What should the length be? Where should the coat end? Should it be fitted around the waist or A-line? Should it be double breasted or single breasted? I really want a houndstooth yet I don’t know which type to get. Thanks! 🙂

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Answer by teacupxoxo
i think a nice short jacket would look good 🙂 trenches are cute or w.e they’re called.

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If I were you I would get a parka and get one of those strings that go around your waist because it shows your figure and because it’s so long it will really fit your body type another great thing is that parka are the best winter jackets because they are so warm another great detail you should look for is fur trust me that makes it really warm I am the same height as you and have almost the some body shape I personally love parkas because there so long they keep your body nice and warm!
Hope I helped!!!!!

Katie 😀

a short fitted jacket. the pattern should be small because ur a petite person and a print too large can overwhelm ur small body. you want a coat that brings width to ur shoulder to balance out ur pear body shape. because ur a pear you can do both double and single breasted coats. so small shoulder pads to add width to ur upper, a short jacket for ur petite size, small hounds-tooth print for ur petite size. being a pear, no flowing out of the skirting under the waist, it should be A line.
here are coat and winter outerwear fits that suits short petite pears (not neccessarily coats with the houndstooth print u want)
if it is going to be a pea coat that is longer for warmth reasons,make sure its well above the knee for leg length reasons.

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