What Watch Should a 25 Year Old Man Wear? Age Appropriate Watches

What Watch Should a 25 Year Old Man Wear? Age Appropriate Watches.
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In Thailand men wear sarongs – dresses, skirts, wraps, just like the women do. In the northeast and in the south especially. In the northeast they are Buddhi…

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R.I.P headphones

is rolex sub nondate acceptable ? do u think a non date modern sub is
acceptable ? 

You cannot be serious, you would spend thousands on a bloody plain looking
seiko….madness. With that fantastic sub when would you ever think ‘I’ll
leave the Rolex today and wear my Seiko’

I couldn’t agree more, Archie. At age 20, my first luxury watch was a 16600
Sea Dweller. Then a an all gold GMT. Now I’m 22 years old and I have my
eyes set on a two tone 16613 submariner.

Anyone who wears a watch to purely impress another individual or to appear
cool is a pathetic and weak character. If you’re concerned that a watch is
too old/too young and that it might not look right/may be passé = you’re a
fucking idiot. Wear a nice watch because you want to wear it. Don’t be
stereotyped and absolutely don’t give a flying fuck about what anyone else
thinks. Oh and if you’re under 40 and use hookers…oh dear.

Agreed. As a 24yr old, I concur.

Did you hear him say “rolex speedmaster professional”?

I don’t knw about people but I dont see how it can be fun to have sex with
a woman who sleeps with at least a dozen other men in same day… Expensive
things is a different cup of tea think you got your analogy totally wrong


The muppet is always making pronounciation mistakes, remember audemars

5:26, no such thing as a Rolex Speedmaster Professional

I think you could of thrown omega in there as well

spot on archie!

26 years old, sitting here and watching this wearing my 16610LV sub.
Cheers. I’m not sure why but I’m entertaining th idea of buying a Grand
Seiko SBGH019 18kt White Gold for my next watch. Not your typical luxury
brand but damn it’s beutiful.

i mostly agree but the milgauss is a fucked piece of shit if i’ve ever seen
one. there is a guy who works for a cider company in london that i know who
has one and he’s a lazy dickhead. he’s 29 years old and is the typical MG

DON’T LISTEN TO THIS GUY, don’t rush to get old, and if you live Archies
unhealthy lifestyle,than yes.I’m 32, i have new luxury sports watch, i do a
lot of mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, and i go to the gym.I need a
sports watch.And this is me, a guy wearing clothes similar to Tiger Woods
Golf Nike,.I live sporty, and healthy lifestyle.

I hate this Archie guy, because he spends so much time trying to act like
he’s rich, and buy luxury items, instead of actually getting rich. The
worst thing is a person who sacrifices financial security to buy luxury,
unnecessary items.

sub and man on the moon. spot on


what do you think of hublot

Only an ugly 25 yr old wud need to visit brothel

What’s wrong with this guy.. really… If they had a contest of the top
douches of Youtube, this guy has got to be a serious contender.

I like the look of it. I don’t want a watch that really sticks out during
formal occasions (which the green LV does). Not to mention the mechanisms
of the GS are something to be admired.

I think anyone gets away with buying a sports Rolex, these are timeless

I wear mine in down town San Diego Ca. I love it. I am originally from
New York City. We wear what makes us comfortable. Yes you gat the looks,
who cares. I love it. 

Lol! Free like Tarzan! 

malaysia too

Worms don’t distinguish which sex they crawl on; women don’t make
complaints about it as it nearly never happens, you’re just mouthing
rhetoric. Rome exiled men in pants in AD393 and seized their property.
“Pants” comes from Pantalone, the top CLOWN in the middle ages Italian
Comedy of the Arts. Skirts are neutral, not “female,” pants came from
horseback riding now that it’s over we’re supposed to be stuck with it
because half wits like you know zero about history & can’t reason.

You’re a champion, mate. This is often worn in the south (Malays wear this
too) and of course with underwear lol. Have you ever tried the traditional
suit? I don’t know how you call it though but we call it “Ratchapadeng
(White silk suit) with Jongkraben (Blue silk pants)”. It looks way formal
and better in my opinion.

I have a SARONG business and am thinking of doing a parody video. It will
be called SARONG SARONG SARONG SONG> Instead of thongs it will be Sarong.
If anyone has any ideas please message me.

That sarong is also quite frequently seen and worn by the Malays living in
Malaysia and Indonesia. But you need to wear underwear , least insects bite
and chew your nong. lol.

@maivkib YES! Don’t look too closely at this video… look at my face,
juuuuuuust look at my face.

It’s rather nice going commando under the sarong !

@thaipulsedotcom hahaha you and your girl are SOOOOO LOVABLE!!! lol

Dette er ikke interessant!

@MDIS hahah – nong – they say that in Malaysia too, or are you from

So is a nong a guys privte part?????? Am I right???

@Onbehaard yeah if you want a worm crawling up your butt crack…LMFAO!

@2jzgteSupraJZA80 hahah – yeah, they are not exactly worm stoppers.

We also wear this in Somalia. Very comfortable indeed.

@itti1977 That’s what you think – try me.

we wear them in malaysia. and london as well. when i was there. its the
most comfy thing ever.

i see the tranditional sarong of thailand they do something with the bottom

drop it ! drop it !!!

do you get aroused?

@Onbehaard it definitely feels FREE.

Sarong make your easy to fuck 🙂

round here in phetcaboon province, only the old(er) men wear a sarong, but
they wear the one that is not a tube of sewn cloth. it’s just a strip of
cloth, pulled snug to right hip, brought around your body, the loose end
gets tucked in, lie you do when you wear a towel after a shower. only the
women wear the kind like you show here, and then, it’s the old(er) women.
never see young women or girls wear them. comfort and convenience is out of


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