What Watch Should a 45 Year Old Man Wear? Age Appropriate Watches

What Watch Should a 45 Year Old Man Wear? Age Appropriate Watches.

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legend ! love yr work.

“The chance of getting young pussy, is very very slim” – Archie. (I hope
your wife doesn’t watch your videos! haha)

and old man smell

‘old man smell’ roflmao

Has anyone noticed how Archie is suddenly recommending Rolexes all of a
sudden … and Rolex ads appear before each of his videos. This is one
corrupt mother fucker LOL

I hit like for Vanessa in marketing

The Day-Date or the Datejust just look horrible with the diamonds as the
hour indices.

I just have to say Archie you talk a load of bollocks,i am over 40,look
30,and have as much pussy as my tongue can handle,as my late father
said,God rest is soul ,look son if a bird fancies you ,you don,t need a
posh bed/watch. How true he was!!!

No old man smell yet and heading into 59 soon! 25 to 35 year old’s still

You can get kill for this watch.So if you travel a lot, get you self less
shiny piece. Unless you look like Hulk Hogan, or you are the King of
Chavs(like Michael Caroll)

Vanessa in marketing better keep alert!

hate the fuckers voice ! he’s in love with the sound of his own voice !!
anti-classy fucker !! lol !!

…..what about a nice G-Shock ? Love the caliber !

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