What would the average person in Japan do/say if I told them I was a lesbian?

by sderle

Question by Vagina: What would the average person in Japan do/say if I told them I was a lesbian?
Like if they asked me if I had a boyfriend and I was like “No I don’t. I like to date girls.”

I asked my friend this who lived in Japan for a few years and she told me that they probably wouldn’t understand or the ones who did wouldn’t care.
@ Kate: You’re probably right. But I don’t think it’s not common because there aren’t as many gay people, I think they’re just more closeted in Japan.

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Answer by Kate[케이트]♀
They probably wouldn’t say anything to you, but once you were out of sight they would giggle and talk about what you said. Japanese aren’t stupid, they know was being Gay means — it’s just not very common in Japan.

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They wouldn’t be bothered.

I don’t think many Japanese care except some guys who want to date with you.

The average Japanese person would say ”何?英語が分かりません。”

Not care.

Personal experience: I went to Japan, Osaka to be precise, on a semester abroad. At least 50-75% of the male exchange students were either gay or came out during the semester abroad.

Moral: It may not be 100% supported but it certainly isn’t weird to be effeminate or be gay in Japan.

Edit: Apparently I was given thumbs down by people who haven’t actually been to Japan. Don’t mind them. Being gay or effeminate in Japan is rather common actually especially by foreign males (although as I said it isn’t really approved of). Take it from someone who has actually been to Japan and experienced Japan for a decent amount of time.

They would be like, “oh okay”. In short, they wouldn’t care that much. To some conservative, it might be a big deal to them and might feel uncomfortable to you. Gay people are common by the way. I see them every night here in Tenjin, Nakasu, etc.

When I’ve been asked whether I have a boyfriend or what kind of guy I like by Japanese acquaintances (those two seem to be among the first questions when dealing with young Japanese women, for some reason), I’ve always been somewhat indirect in my replies.

I had always figured that saying “I’m a lesbian” outright would be too blunt or presume too much familiarity between the Japanese person and myself, so I would say something along the lines of “I’m not really interested in men”. That reply would get the occasional puzzled look, but nothing beyond that. I’m sure some, especially those who spent more time with me, figured out that I’m a lesbian, but the matter was never brought up.

I would imagine that some Japanese people would be uncomfortable at first (though generally careful not to show it), but I think that most wouldn’t care one way or another.

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