What’s the chance of “older woman + younger man” relationship in Japan?

by girl_onthe_les

Question by yo: What’s the chance of “older woman + younger man” relationship in Japan?
For example if a woman is 25 and dates a 19 year old guy. or even a 30 year old with 20 year old. etc etc.
is this uncommon?
Thanks! it can happen all over the world, I know that. but, that’s not really what I’m asking here xD

Here in the US it’s still an “odd” thing” even though it happens. Sometimes it even has a stigma to it.

Is it the same way in Japan? Is it uncommon or is it just as common as any other relationship?

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Answer by The Eagle Keeper
Happens all over the world. It’s all good if they like each other.

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As has been said already, these kind of relationships happen all over the world so Japan is not immune from this

Not common. Most Japanese men like younger women. But it’s also becoming more common for some women to like younger men as well.

When the age gap is too high and obvious, it’s usually frowned upon by most Asian countries. But hey, if they really love each other, then good for them. But there’s always gonna be criticisms from many people.

It’s uncommon in short.

But in your 19M:25F example, you need to notice that 25F is still young, just “older than man”. So I think it’s more common than couples like 30M:36F.

36F is older than 30M and not young herself. So really uncommon couple is the one like that.

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